Monday, June 30, 2014

Artist process - Unarm t-shirt printing

Yesterday, i had the chance to document artist process of the Unarm members printing their tshirts at one of the vocalist Nanae san's home. The design is by Yusuke san, about the main issues that's been protested constantly about nuclear power in Japan. He illustrates and put together in photoshop then send to the shop to make the block and he mix the colors in this images and video its grey for the black tshirts and another design with leaf motifs or Happa, he mix turquoise and black which came out so beautifully, that look like olives color. The tshirts he ordered from internet in a bundle a costs 350¥ (RM11) a piece which is really cheap with its good quality and the tshirts dye ink costs 3726¥ (RM118) a tub, good price for a high quality dye. The Happa design is my most favourite, a motifs of leaves an opposite to the nuclear power logo. I told him many people compliments the design when i wear the tshirt in Koenji. He was happy. Arigatou gozaimasu Yusuke san, Nanae san, Unarm san.

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