Wednesday, December 25, 2013


a small tribute to my past self who's immerse in 80s/90s sci-fi/post-apocalyptic-future cartoon/animation and movies and my current self. Imagine a world like the Cowboy Bebop or Macross 7 where everyone can own a small spaceship that can travel far and beyond.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

iIlocos Sur- Navarcan/Gregorio Del Pilar

Recently went up north for a trip to iLocos Sur following ATP members Mdm.Kate Monte Carlo, Dindi Tan and Krizia. They were invited to do their advocacy and join the parade during the World Aids Day organized by the municipal town of Navarcan and also we spend some time at Krizia's hometown Gregorio Del Pilar for their 114th Tirad Pas anniversary , a small town 1 and half and hour ride to the top of the mountain. It was a very eye opening as it was my first time going out far from the Metro Manila. Suddenly there's beach, sea, mountain, jungle, cliffs, big rocks, rivers. Very unusual to see an empty landscape facing the sea, as far as the eye can see its very soothing for the soul. The soft wind from the South China Sea, its hardcore serenity. Then went up all the way to the mountains, the breeze of fresh air mountain, my lungs and nose was crying with joy, free from tricycles and jeepneys discharge. For a few days we're free from the internet, facebook and kind of off the grids and totally in mother nature's embrace. Until few days later coming back to the city and was greeted with the Christmas shopping rush traffic, one with the noise again.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Hutan botak, pokok tarak,
bukit aman, cukur meshia aman

Satu bangsa, monokultur,
bukit aman, syukur meshia aman

Mindamati, carigali, egonomi,
bukit aman, cukur meshia aman

bukit aman, syukur meshia aman

Suka diPERKOSA, dipandu PEMANDU,
enjoy diPERKUDA, 
bukit aman, cukur meshia aman

Skimcepatgaya, kelapasa-wait!
bukit aman, syukur meshia aman

Politirakus, tanahtumpahdara ku,
bukit aman, cukur meshia aman

Mana BrunoManser, jadi baja?
bukit aman, syukur meshia aman

Lupa nak taib, takde mood, 
bukit aman, cukur meshia aman

-Mak Anon

*urgh! those who's been veiled by KLIA, KLCC, Megamoles, those who've been deafed by pRimaTusantiviMetrotiga those who's swallowed everything and never chewed those ancient Walkers of handed down traditions those who see,herd and follow

…to those who like the torture without pleasure

…to those who keep paying, without calculating those inside the box without thinkering those flat liners in an endless tunnel

-Mak Anon

Friday, November 29, 2013


some nice photos from the last TransFilmfest in Amsterdam, heartfelt gratitude to Jane of Zsa-Zsazine and now she's bringing them to the QueerZineFest in London. Allons-y!

that day

Friday, November 22, 2013

crowned Ms.Columbia 2013

This morning i got crowned Miss Columbia by an old man passing by on the way to my regular breakfast place. I represent P.Toazon for Ms.Columbia 2013, thank you old man *waving-hand pageant-style.
#U_U' #stereotyped

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Transgender Day of Remembrance2013

20thNov2013 Transgender Day of Remembrance. Today we see cold hard truth of murder and lives lost to transphobia. Brazil has the highest killings at 95. Malaysia has 2 (reported cases).
Some murder are in a different form especially by gov owned media

Let's hope and work towards making Malaysia a safer place for *trans people. Let's aim for 0.