Monday, June 09, 2014

Artist process / IRA / Han Ga Woodcut

Yesterday me and Shh Diam! members who came and visit from KL Farid &Yon attended a woodcut workshop or 'Han Ga' in Japanese at IRA ( infoshop. It was really fun and most of the artists/cartoonists/illustartors are women like i mention before its easier to meet women artists here than in malaisea. And record some of the process.
Previously i attended a linocut workshop by Marjinal members Mike and Bob in Japan and yesterday its woodcut or Han Ga. The sensei which i sadly forgot to ask his name has 30 years experience in doing woodcut. (*update-sensei's name is Seiji Ueoka)
At first i just want to observe but there was an extra wood/plaque so i just dive in and carve my previous illustrations for Shh...Diam! tshirt design, Hellz Kitty 555 (in Thai they often use 555 to denotes laughter hahaha)

Thanks so much Keisuke san for letting us know about the workshop. I felt like i want to do more woodcut now. Hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu~

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