Thursday, July 03, 2014


...was at Tower Records bookstore in Shinjuku today, while scanning for interesting books, found this little historical gem, the book is new, its just that the information about the 'pantun' or ryhmes poetry in malay culture which i find interesting, i didn't know there were a few French who's inspired by pantun and created their own version, which in a world today we called it rap or rhyming.

"Pantuns by anonymous writers were part of the Malay oral tradition long before they began to be recorded. (The image above comes from a roughly two hundred-year-old edition of the Hikayat Hang Tuah, a collection of Malay legends chronicling the life of a warrior named Hang Tuah, first published in the early seventeenth century. The Hikayat contains some of the first known written examples of pantuns.) When French poets rediscovered the form in the nineteenth century, they were drawn to the pantun berkait- a pantun form made up of interlocking verses."


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