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W.I.P. - a documentation

= 2017~

(Gender randomizer / natural selection)

Ongoing documentation (time line) on Trans person/LGBTIQ struggle in Malaysia/South East Asia/World:

Archiving/animate previous hand-drawn comic strips into gif animations

 Tingtongketz acrchieved

30second drawing workshop for MAA art students Helsinki


Interviewed by local media Yle under Perpetuum Mobile/HIAP artist residency (Finnish)

•18thJanuary - 25March 2017
  Gender:Human Exhibition by KulturKontakt Nord. Kajsaniemigatan 9, 00100 Helsinki.

  Small mural / window display of 'Bali Brunch' (Indonesian restaurant) in Helsinki

  Live performance (Tingtongketz) during Trans Helsinki Week

  pixel gif reviewed by Justseeds artist collective

•Slumb-a-Chamber group exhibition (pixel-gifs animation)
 Artists: Eryn / Kim Khaira / DhiyanahH / Shieko Reto
 with a performance by spoken-word artist Skid More
 Curator: Dhiyannah Hasan
 13-14th Aug2016 (6pm - 10pm)
 15-19th Aug206 (10am - 6pm)

•Punx for Seitan fest at Kirjakavilla Turku
 (Band performance-Tingtongketz)
 7thAug2016 (Sunday)

•21st May2016
 Acting in a student art film for a film competition Uneton 48
 Make it work productions - My body is a battleground

•3rd May 2016 Artist talk to Theatre Academy, 
 University of the arts Helsinki performance art master students
 Oraganized/Curated by Professor of Performance Art & Theory
 Ray Langenbach

•Buang Bayi (solo art exhibition) 12-27 March 
  (Kerbau works studio)
  Curator: Self
Video documentation:

•5th March 2016 (Band performance/Tingtongketz)
  Kongketrons:Femmecoats 2016

•11th February 2016
  Duct tape mural (woman with pestle and mortar)
  venue: Koon Tan (Balai Seni Visual Art office)

= 2015~
May2015: Peasants and Proletariats @ Xin Art Space

Antologi Lukis + Tulis oleh Fixi sempena hari UNESCO Malaysia 2015

April 2015: Seed Fundraiser-The art of giving / A night of hope

11th April: ArtACT! Performing gender

25th April 2015: Kongketrons

21stMarch 2015: Missgendered Pageant award performance at Artforgrabs

28th January 2015: 15th International Manga Conference / 6th Women's Manga Conference

Sharing session

January 2015: Projek dialogue

•25th October - 31st October 2015: (Ilga Asia Conference in Taipei)
Attending Transwomen / Transmen / Queer & LGBTIQ conference
supported by UNDP

= 2014~

Nov 2014: myIsean logo

25th September 2014. The launch of Human Rights Watch Report on violence towards transwomen in Malaysia

23rd September 2014. Meeting with SUHAKAM (Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia Malaysia/Human Rights Commission of Malaysia) and Human Rights Watch

22nd September 2014. Meeting with European Union ambassadors, Dutch ambassador resident meeting with Human Rights Watch, cocktail with diplomats of the EU ambassadors and other local NGOs activists.

23rd & 24th August 2014 - Updated version of IAMYOU campaign dvd

22nd July 2014 -The 2nd edition of Chit chat bersama Jelita
14th July 2014: The launching of first episode of Chit chat bersama Jelita

7th  / 13th July: Rayakan perbezaan

July 2014: Beyond Binary flyer design

26th June 2014: Featured on AJWRC magazine

23rd June 2014: Polar bear / Climate change symbol personal documentation

15th June 2014: Transmission-Malaysian Transwomen struggle and experience at Community center AKTA, Nichome Shinjuku, Japan

4th June: Art therapy for LGBTIQ students and sharing session

during Rainbow Week ICU/Mitaka/Japan

2nd June 2014: Rainbow Week ICU/Mitaka/Japan

23rdMay2014: Harimaknyahdalamsejarah / Maknyah hirstory

May 2014: Sketching at old Nantoka Bar/Koenji/Tokyo/Japan

April 24th: Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2014

1st March 2014: Kunitachi Film festival, Kakikomotei/Kunitachi/Tokyo

5th Feb 2014: Oto Niban shop, Koenji,Tokyo

1st January 2014: 30second drawing jam at 98B, Escolta, Philippines

= 2013~

14th December 2013: "I AM YOU/Be a trans ally" campaign

9th Nov 2013: Technobalat-afterparty flyers

September 2013: Singapore Biennale2013/If the world changed

July 2013:API scholarship July2013 - July2014

June 2013: Illustrations/pamphlets for Sex worker NGO 'The project X

9th -12th May 2013: TransScreen Transgender Filmfestival, Amsterdam

30th April 2013: Characterized Kuala Lumpur 2013

March 2013: "Today and Tomorrow" A book that offers a glimpse at the works of emerging Malaysian artists.

16th Feb - 23rd Feb 2013: Ape Cerite group exhibition

= 2012~

December 2012: Public performance during World Aids Day 2012, TimeSquare KL

August 2012: Violence is not our culture notebook, a gift for social change

June 2012: Day of defiance
7th June 2012: Daighila/This is Atlantis tshirt design / Split Album launch party & exhibition

March 2012: Teaching kids drawings on paper & wall

February 2012: Character design and animation for Ferns music video

10th September 2012: Esquire Magazine

March - June 2012: Makanlah Buah-buahan tempatan group exhibition

19th May 2012: Nike Cortez 40th Anniversary

March 2012: Mini Cooper Live painting/Electronic music fest

March 2012: Ferns music video

= 2011~

Nov 2011: Ferns CD

19th September 2011: Make art not war, duct tape mural

18th March 2011: Ganbare Nippon:Japan Tsunami Appeal

7th August 2011: Bersih 2.0

March 2011: Trolling Tatler

29th January 2011: Benefit gig / Justice for sisters

= 2010~

2010: Chow Kit Kita mural art facilitator

Kuala Lumpur Dreaming: A group exhibition by The Annexe Gallery 4th-21st Feb 2010

27th-28th March 2010: Al-Kesah/Once upon a Time in Malaysia, White Box,MAP KL

12thJune2010: PopIn:PopOut 3 - (PopMuda proposals for Prime Minister) The Annexe

June 2010: Massa Kritikal/Critical Mass KL

July 2010: Langgar Lari session

August 2010: Rooftop Access - IndigNation6 visual art exhibition @ the attic/my artspace, Singapore

Vans skateboard event 2010

Dec 2010: Tahun Meliwat malaisea paintings

= 2009~

Dec 2009: 16 days violence against women by JAG (Join action group for Gender Equality)

Nov 2009: Wheel Love skateshop, Subang

Custome sneakers for a friend

17th October 2009: Extinctions never felt so good

mural painting/community project for a drop-in center for drug-users and sex workers

Persatuan Payong Pulau Pinang Drop-in center

= 2008~

Feb 2008: Streething, Street party at Zouk

July 2008: Poverty to Dignity, a learning manual on human rights based development by Komas & Dignity International

April 2008: F&N Road Tour

August 2008: Tapau group exhibtion Annexe

= 2007~

10th - 31st March 2007: Throw Up - Our Lab *scape Gallery,National Youth Council,Singapore

Dell Christmas display at Pavillion

May 2007: Adidas store display KLCC

F&N Giant Billboard near KLCC

Toy Customization

Oct 2007: Toyota Vios launch

23Oct - 27Oct 2007: LAMU/Lets Art Move U

= 2006~

Nike Zoom Air

My Moleskin Exhibition Tokyo

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