Monday, June 09, 2014

Artist process 1 / jpn / Megumi san

2 months in Japan, i already met a few women artists by introduction or by accidental. It's so easy to meet female illustrators or artists here than in malaisea. I get to know Megumi san before when i join the Kunitachi queer film festival and get to know the artists/activists from Kunitachi area. Then i learn that Japanese people design a lot of flyers and pass around clubs,shops,coffee house, live house and many more places. I learn also that Megumi san's flyer design and using freehand without the help  of computer or Photoshop. I love her design because i love most hand-made things, traditional cut and paste, hand-drawn, hand-painted, craft and so on. She agreed that i can record her design process and  went to her place and record some videos of her flyer design process.

Megumi san~ arigatou gozaimasu~!

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