Sunday, January 24, 2016

30 second drawing workshop

Long overdue post. When i was in Philippines July2013-Jan2014, i met 98B, an artists collective from Manila and i always wanted to do this drawing workshop but in 30seconds. I picked 30 scenarios to draw mostly from environmental to human rights issues and play 'Short music for short people' album. A 30 seconds punkrock songs for each drawings and i compile them into a zine called 1,2,3,4! for this session.

Photo by Gerome Soriano

Photo by Jose Carlos

Thought process before the workshop/session:
98 B x Shiekoreto 30 second drawing jam (the workshop concept and process)
-30 second drawing jam to punkrock music (because life is too short, draw your short attention span)
-30 second drawings will be compiled into a zine
- the name of zine is 1234! (Philippine version)
   (materials A4 papers (provided-Shieko buy) x bring own pen, pencil, Sharpie,markers,etc)

30 sec drawing/doodles could be the artwork of the century or maybe just a simplest expression in a shortest time given,
because everyone like sweet and short :)

- few sessions of 30second drawing exercise (30 drawing sessions)
-suggested themes, only reveal 1 by 1 during workshop:
-1st draw cowboy/cowgirl with pencil (until the punk rock music finish) (warming up level) 
-2nd draw a punk monalisa (until the punk rock music finish) (2nd round warming up level)
-3rd draw a person's portrait (pick a participant) as punk (until the punk rock music finish) (get familiar with 30 second drawings)
-4th draw picture of global warming/climate change (until punk rock music finish) (already tuned in with 30 second-ish drawing jam)
-5th draw a sad polar bear 
-6yh-draw a human overpopulating the earth
-7th draw too many cars on earth
-8th draw human cutting trees
-9th draw fish riding bicycles 
-10th draw draw dead whales & fishes in sea
-11th draw nuclear power plant laughing 
-12th draw sad orang utan
-13th draw human driving tractors 
-14th draw smoking chimney from factories
-15th draw evil fast food
-16th draw fat cat laughing holding lots of money
-17th draw oil spill in sea
-18th draw people protesting on streets
-19th draw animal testing
-20th draw doomsday cult
-21 draw dinosaurs
-22 draw happy dinosaurs with lots of money
-23 draw angry dinosaurs destroying environment
-24 draw meteorites hits big city
-25 draw scientists working
-26 draw scientist building rocket
-27 draw weird fruits
-28 draw weird animals
-29 draw spaceships
-30 draw earth happy 

-discuss with participants to choose which drawings to be compiled into zines

*Process (after 30 second-30 punrockin drawing session)
-participants choose best drawings
-participants submit email address
-Shieko scan/take photo of drawings
-compiled drawings into a pdf zine (1234!) and email it to participants email address
-cover x back cover art by Shieko (back cover lists of punk rock songs during the workshop)

Sunday, January 03, 2016

no oxygen body die, less oxygen body cry, more oxygen body fly

Ekonomi negara, harga tambang pengangkutan awam naik, harga tol naik, GST, Tax =
Bad economy, public transport fees increasing, tol fees increasing, GST, Tax =

no oxygen body die, less oxygen body cry, more oxygen body fly