Tuesday, June 10, 2014


On Sunday night 17 transwomen were arrested in Bahau, Negeri Sembilan at a local wedding function. 16 of them were fined RM 950 and sentence to Sungai Udang prison for 7 days at the Lower Syariah Court in Bahau yesterday. if they fail to pay the fine within 7 days, they will be further imprisoned for 6 months. One of them is minor, so she was released. However, she will have to 'report' to the Jabatan Agama every month for the next one year.
As none of them have never been arrested under this law before, they panicked and plead guilty. most of them are mak andam (wedding planners) and they are worried that this will affect their reputation and income.
We managed to get a syariah lawyer to reduce the sentence. We have been asked by the lawyer to prepare RM 1,500 for each person. Apparently, it is a common practice for the court to ask for more money from the detainees who appeal their sentences. In order for the girls to escape the prison sentence, they may have to pay RM 1,500 each.
As much as possible, we do not want the girls to be imprisoned. As their identification card says male, they will be sentenced to a male prison, and treated as a male person - head will be shaved, no hormones for the next 7 days. The psychological impact is very high.
Unfortunately, Justice for Sisters does not have the funds to financially support them. But reality is we need to prepare RM 24,000 for all of them in a few hours. if you would like to donate please kindly email us at justiceforsisters@gmail.com

Donations in any amount will be a great help.

11/6/2014 - news today
The 16 transwomen arrested over the weekend at a wedding function in Negeri Sembilan, now at courts.They are all in handcuffs. For the crime of expressing their gender identity.

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