Monday, June 23, 2014

climate change / polar bear

In 2009, an environmental acitivist friend of mine had the chance to go to Copenhagen and join the world government meetings and talks on climate change. She ask me to design a tshirt for her to wear so i design a tshirt for her and the image stuck with me and i painted it from time to time in art events, on walls and in some interviews i explain that not much has been discussed in local media on climate change and the action or strategy or resolutions towards it. So here are some images and timeline on the polar bear standing on the last melting block of ice while searching for another ice block or land , i titled this image 'emigrate' but later i remembered 1 of Megadeth song titled 'Countdown to extinction' which could be the title and then i remembered one of Nofx song lyrics 'extinction never felt so good' from the song 'Dinosaurs will die' that could be the title of this polar bear illustrations so, those are the 3 titles 'Emigrate', 'Countdown to extinction' and 'Extinction never felt so good' or maybe one more 'apati' in the case of malaisean society towards climate change issues.

'Survival is non-negotiable' - 2nd Dec 2009

Silkscreen tshirts - 9 Dec 2009

Markers on post it note - 14 Oct 2009

Tiktok earth exhibition - 22 May 2010

 Drum art project/Publika, 'Emigrate' - 28 March 2010

Ampang Jelatek, 'Emigrate' - 17 Oct 2009

January 2010: Failed

Silkscreened painting - May 2010

'Ferns' album cover - 24 Nov 2010

Urbanscape event, wooden pool - 5 July 2011

Drawings 10 Aug 2011

Ferns/OJ Law album launch gig flyer - 6 Jan 2012

Illustrations - 9 Jan 2012

Mural - 10 Feb 2012

Illustrations - 26 Feb 2012

Paintings - 13 April 2012

Silkscreen items/artforgrabs - 25 March 2012

emigrate on recycled materials, Koenji/Tokyo - March 2014

keep on floating - 21/6/2014

i still draw this image with many variations and compositions, some not just climate change but merge with the plastic waste caused by human as well, but this is what can get this morning...
will update and add more to the timeline soon


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