Thursday, June 05, 2014

Sharing Session & Art Therapy Workshop

sharing session yesterday at ICU/CGS, on transpeople issues and insights from malaidsea, Philippines and Japan. Everytime i played the IAmYou videos, can't help to shed some tears a bit...

4th June 2014 15:10-17:00
Sharing Session & Art Therapy Workshop"  Place: 252 Honkan (University Hall) International Christian University

1. Exhibitions at International Christian University Library for Rainbow Week organized by Center of Gender Studies. exhibition titled Transendence- 26th May - 13th June 2014 at OTHMER library GF.

a little bit about my experience in Malaysia ,Philipines and Japan but mostly on the condition on transwomen from Malaysia. Sharing Session & Art Therapy Workshop" 
Date: June 4th, 2014 15:10-17:00 Place: 252 Honkan (University Hall) International Christian University. After sharing of what I encounter in Philippines, Japan and the condition in Malaysia, I conducted an art therapy session where I pass around a form for students who are mostly from LGBT and also non-LGBT to express themselves about being LGBT/Queer person in Japan. They can choose to be anonymous but most importantly they express themselves fully, pour everything out rather than keep their feelings inside. As a transgender person I also went through suicidal phase and I remember since young I keep drawing non stop to say how I feel inside. I survive most of my younger days with doing doodles and drawings. It's like a therapy for me so, from that I got the idea to do this experiment for the students if they feel like they want to say something or couldn't find someone to talk to, drawing is a therapeutic exercise one can do to let it out from the system.

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