Thursday, June 19, 2014

0 okestra

Today went to community center akta to interview Yusuke san, he's the only out gay person in a d-beat,crust punk band in Japan(Unarm) and i went to his band's gig before and because he design the band's tshirt, record/cd cover and flyer design, but before that me and Akama san went to Karaoke in Shinjuku to kill 1 hour while waiting for our friend Chaunceysan, so yea its my first time karaoke-ing in Japan.
I was told it's the cheapest in Shinjuku. 1 hour 200¥ and surprisingly they have bands like Bad Religion about 10 songs in there, but i sang 2, Supersonic like my previous post and New Dark Ages.
First i chose typical karaoke song like No Doubt-Spiderwebs, Sex Pistols-God save the queen, Bangles-Walk like an Egyptian then out of curiosity i try to search Bad Religion and wallah, about 10 songs, and then Moby, Garbage & David Bowie, but manage to sing only Starman as me and Akama san switch turn to sing within 1 hour. Of course i don't Karaoke but it was very satisfying screaming out of tune to all these songs that you won't find in malaisea karaoke....Bad Religion-Supersonic, - New Dark Ages, Moby - South Side, Garbage - Cherry Lips, David Bowie - Starman.
Back in malaisea, i usually tag along friends and sing typical radio friendly commercial songs but it was an amazing experience. Later i ask Akama san we should do it again. Lol...

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