Saturday, September 28, 2013

we are star dust

i've been drawing a lot of unicorns in the Philippines lately, probably because i've been missing the fun in Kuala Lumpur like the Rainbow Rojak event, its also like an escape while im here, besides soul-searching i think my mind wander further away and lotsuv unicorn drawings came out subconsciously and some were inked for friends back in KL used as avatars

an incomplete mapping of Malaysian transwomen's life

...and its on going, things doesn't look too bright but we're still hopeful

change is good

and needed urgently, most violence towards transwomen can be put the blame on the government who publish non-stop negative, transphobic news every day,weeks,month besides the man-made syariah law who were used by the religious officers to commit violence and unlawful detention to transwomen in this country and also the death of late Aleesha Farhana.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Against Me! - True Trans Soul Rebel

All dressed up and nowhere to go,
Walking the streets all alone.
Another night you wish you could forget,
Making yourself up as you go along.

Who's gonna take you home tonight?
Does god bless your transsexual heart, True Trans Soul Rebel?

Once you were born, you were already dead,
You sleep with a gun beside you in bed.
You follow through to the obvious end:
See your veins wide open,
You bleed it out.

You should've been a mother,
You should've been a wife.
You should've been gone from here years ago,
You should be living a different life.