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SlutWalk Singapore 2011

contributed some drawings for Slutwalk Singapore 2011 SlutWalk Singapore 2011: TODAY! Hong Lim Park, 4pm to 7pm. Let's get together to make a stand against sexual violence, victim-blaming, and slut-shaming. Let's move forward as a community to tackle these issues head-on. Come join us in building this beginning. See ya! xx

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

me + dia / them&us

Plz help reduce discrimination towards transcommunity here by signing the petition thank you -->Petition against slander and defamation by the media towards transgenders in Malaysia

We, the transgender community of Malaysia have had enough of the discrimination, misrepresentation, slandering and hate-mongering perpetrated by the media of our identities and lives. The recent episode of Wanita Hari Ini: Pondan, Ancaman Wanita/Tranny, Threat to Women (4 October 2011) by TV3 as well as the article in Berita Harian (6 October 2011) (Salah makan punca pondan?/ Wrong food consumption can lead to transsexualism) were very telling of the deeply discriminatory agenda of these media entities. We are appalled by the irresponsible and unethical reporting of the named media.

We demand that the media stop portraying the transgender community in such negative and damaging light. We strongly condemn the publishing of articles which are groundless and damaging to our lives and aspirations.

-Enough of ‘softie’ bashing by Marina Mahathir

-TV3 under fire for disparaging talk show

Dear TV3,

After viewing the talkshow Wanita Hari Ini "Pondan Ancaman Wanita" on 4th October 2011, I was utterly disgusted in the way your station has portrayed women and transsexuals in Malaysia. Not only has the programme stereotyped women as only working as Makeup Artists or Wedding Planners, but also suggested that women are weak and whiny when faced with the competitive working industry.

It is very unprofessional for the hosts themselves to be not educated in the area of discussion before the show. What you are showing on television confuses everyone about the issue and incite hate towards the prejudiced. The term "Pondan" and "MakNyah" are 2 very different classes of gender expression. "Pondan" refers to effeminate MEN, which are Lelaki Lembut. Whereas "MakNyah" refers to Transsexuals which are males that desire to be totally female, usually undergoing surgery to alter the body. Pondan or Lelaki Lembut are usually flamboyant men that IDENTIFY themselves as MEN/LELAKI.

A point that was brought forward in the show was, "women are threatened because the pondans are monopolizing the makeup industry". This is wrong as Culinary Arts, Makeup and Hairstyling industries are dominated by men. Masculine men in fact. The title instead should be "Lelaki Ancaman Wanita", because these men are doing what used to be thought as women's job. We have come a long way to recognize that women no longer are subjected to careers in beauty only, but also very capable in previously male-dominated careers like police force, entrepreneurship, civil engineering... etc. Equal career opportunities are given and the best person gets the job, there is no grounds for women in complaining that their work is being taken from them. This violates the Malaysian Constitution that guarantees equality and non-discrimination on the basis of gender.

I am also appalled when pondan/maknyah are accused of "stealing" the husbands from women. Blaming others of the unfaithfulness of ones husband is very childish and illogical. Happiness and trust between man and wife requires more than just sex and food, there is so much more to marriage. Both sides should seek family counselors when faced with cheating, instead of putting the blame on some innocent person. It is the husband that is cheating, not the transsexual, and so she does not deserve to be held responsible for the men's actions.

Equally inappropriate are the panel for discussion. Fatin Sarjat, a university student; Dr. Edward Chan, who is an unqualified psychologist; and Azwan Ali, who is a crossdresser.
I have checked with Dr. Alvin Ng, President of Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology (MSCP), that Dr. Edward Chan is not a registered clinical psychologist and is NOT QUALIFIED to explain the situation to the mass public. He's views on transsexualism may not be calibrated with the world's standard and thus cannot be used as a reference on the topic.
Azwan Ali, is a crossdresser. He is a Pondan in all its definition - a soft BOY/effeminate MEN. Crossdressers are people that dress up as the opposite sex for the thrills of it, but is totally comfortable with their sexual organs. He cannot represent the maknyah community because he never had the need to be a woman. He was having fun being flamboyant, which he still is adorning large rings and bracelets on the show.
Cik Fatin Sarjat is included i believe for the views from the younger generation, but it is not appropriate for her to tell her views about religion on this issue, when she herself is not being religious. Her hair is let loose, and dyed golden, whilst commenting on how pondan is wrong in the words of the Quran - foolish!

I would like to remind your station, that all citizens of Malaysia are protected under the Federal Constitution and Defamation Act 1957. Under no circumstances may any discrimination or defamation be broadcast to incite hate towards Malaysians, regardless of gender. I hereby insist that your station release a press statement to apologize for the slanderous broadcast made to enact fear and hatred towards the transsexual community in Malaysia.

:: Jellene Eva ::
Musician | Artist | Geek | Woman
Attitude is no substitute for competence. - Eric S. Raymond

Thursday, September 15, 2011

tebabo #4

final cover, doing final touches on the zine, its 99.345678% done~
will be selling at this saturday artforgrabs
along with the latest OneBigLongkang zine #4 and Anastasia #1 zines

nak tak?

Monday, September 12, 2011

tebabo #4

tebabo zine #4, a drawing collection frm June - September 2011, in progress before this saturday~

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outta the sea/down frm the tree/driven by improbablity/expanding exponentially/to great infinity/oh yeah hi-5~

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