Sunday, May 31, 2015


That day we go and watch Madmax. It was a non-stop action in a post apocalyptic wasteland world.
This film reminded me of the time where i was growing up. Post apocalyptic world was part of my social construct. During the early 80s, there were many stories, movies, animation, games, books, illustrations, art of post apocalyptic world and where i was growing up in a suburbs, i was really living in one.

During my teenager time, anime like Mospeada, Stephen King movie the Stand, anime like AppleSeed, Venus wars, Macross, Battle Angel Alita, games from Lucas art like Full Throttle, hollywood and B grade Scifi movies like Mad Max, Cherry2000, Escape from New York, Blade Runner, Terminator, Robocop, Star Trek, Krull, Brazil, Hitchhikers guide and many more shape my vision of a perfect world, where there were few pockets of human left live in this wasteland, and travelling to faraway places with a bands of motley crew towards some sort of destination.

This last few days of healing and recovery is the perfect time to recap watching back the complete series of Mospeada online, and this story truly bringing back nostalgic memories and fantasy of the past that is still stored somewhere in my head today....

srsly, rites of passage


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