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The lesson i learn from being a trans person is to look at another person's soul or essence or energy they produce, kindness, love rather than their outer appearance. That's what we always wanted the world and our surrounding to see us since we were young after constantly being judged every minute, every hour everytime within our parameters/social/sphere. - mak Anon

Tuesday, August 30, 2016



The word ‘chamber’ is used today to describe a public space made for the purpose of formal meetings or official events. It was, however, historically used to denote a more private space, specifically a bedroom. In this installation, a woman’s bedroom acts as symbolism for how the private issues of a woman’s life are often turned into matter for public scrutiny. 

Combining electronic experimentations of Lightforge with the creative vision of curator, Dhiyanah Hassan, ‘Slumb-a-Chamber,’ is an interactive execution of a theme that resists the alienation of women’s issues from the universal human experience. Featuring art by ERYN, Kim Khaira, and Shieko Reto.

The installation will be running at Level 2, Wisma Yeap Chor Ee on:

13th - 14th August, 6pm - 10pm

with a performance by word-based artist, Skid More at 8pm on both Saturday and Sunday


15th - 19th August, 10am-6pm.






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Tingtongketz-Femmecoat gig 2016

The lyrics mostly based on personal experience also regarding the Syariah laws that governed the country and its effect on Malay born Trans person. And 1 song about the environmental/illegal logging and toxic waste issues and the current social media issues. Tingtongketz or used to be TingtongTranz was formed for the sole idea of band members consists of Transperson that exists in Kuala Lumpur based on mutual friends that we've come across and to spread the message or educate simply gender is not the same as sexual orientation.


Don't forget to save your file, Don't forget to Log out,
Don't upload anything, Step back and stop posting
Ch:L-O-G-O-U-T Slow down singularity, L-O-G-O-U-T Enjoy the scenery
Forever uploading, towards singularity,
resist and log out, step back and get out
Ch:L-O-G-O-U-T Slow down singularity, L-O-G-O-U-T Enjoy the scenery

Berubah, berubahlah, berubah, berubahlah,
Apa nak jadi dengan kau ni Shika? Bila nak nerubah?
Inilah diri Shika sebenarnya mak, Shika bukan transformer

Berubah, berubahlah, berubah, berubahlah

Kau tak takut api neraka ke Shika, bila nak berubah?
Inilah evolusi Shika sebernya mak, Shika bukan transformer

CH: Berubah, berubahlah, berubah, berubahlah
TTK-Aman naw-naw

Hutan botak, pokok tarak, Satu bangsa monoculture, Carigali, egonomi,
Cukur meshia aman...

Korek, korek, tebang pam,pam, tanam, tanam, pam, pam, jahanam
Korek, korek, tebang pam,pam, tanam, tanam, pam, pam, jahanam

Tak koser, diPEKOSA, dipandu PEMANDU, senang di PERKUDA, skim cepat gaya,

Korek, korek, tebang pam,pam, tanam, tanam, pam, pam, jahanam
Korek, korek, tebang pam,pam, tanam, tanam, pam, pam, jahanam

Tanah tumpah nya dara, Bruno Manser jadi baja,
cukur bukit kepala sawit, korek boskit, hidup toksik
TTK-Aparagi Taufufa

Apa lagi aku mau, apalagi kamu mau? Apa lagi kami mau? Hari-hari mau-mau,

CH: Ulaw melingkaw di atas pagaw, ulaw melingkaw...

Apa transwomen mau? Apa transmen mau? Gender identity tau? Sexual orientation tau?
CH: Ulaw melingkaw di atas pagaw, ulaw melingkaw...

Apati apa tau? Kena amek pot tau? Bukan busy body tau? Boleh bah kalau kauuuu

Gender bukan di celah kangkang...anda x4
Gender bukan di celah kangkang...anda x4

Gender bukan dicelah kangkang andaaaaaa....1 more time?
Gender bukan dicelah kangkang it me you looking for?
Note:*GIESO - (Gender Identity & Expression. Sexual Orientation)
         *SOGIE - (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression)
           For Transwomen & Transmen, what matters to them is 'Gender Identity'
           For Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Pansexual, what matters to them is 'Sexual Orientation'
           For effeminate men and masculine women is 'Gender Expression'
           For Queer people is 'fluidity & non-binary, no traditional roles'

Estradiol Valerate, Cypeterone Acetate, what you don't understand, do not hate,
Pusing kiri, pusing kanan, jalan cari pangkal jalan, Can't be neutral on moving train,
CH: Menjana transformasi, marilah kita SOGIE, Agenda-Gender Identity...Agenda-Gender Identity

Progynova, Spiro, Premarin, Androcur, Pil Cina, Pil Thailand,
Potong puki, potong tetek, potong muka, potong hidung, pasang kepak, migrate,

CH: Menjana transformasi, marilah kita SOGIE, Agenda-Gender Identity...Agenda-Gender Identity

Gaylang, Pinko hai gaylang, Gaylang si rama-rama,
pulang marilah pulang, marilah pulang kepangkal jalan, TAKNAK!
Pulang marilah pulang, marilah pulang kepangkal jalan, TAKNAK!
Undi parti pelangi, janji dicapati,
pulang marilah pulang, marilah pulang kepangkal jalan, TAKNAK!
Pulang marilah pulang, marilah pulang kepangkal jalan, TAKNAK!
Kondom pakailah kondom, sebelum buat seks,
pulang marilah pulang, marilah pulang kepangkal jalan, TAKNAK!
Pulang marilah pulang, marilah pulang kepangkal jalan, TAKNAK!
Biru, pink dan putih, bendera transgender
pulang marilah pulang, marilah pulang kepangkal jalan, TAKNAK!
Pulang marilah pulang, marilah pulang kepangkal jalan, TAKNAK!
TTK-Melukis itu terapeutik

Bulat kecik, bulat kecik, bulatlah besar, sayang papa, sayang mama, sayang semua,
section 66, mansuh,mansuh
Bulat kecik, bulat kecik, bulatlah besar, sayang papa, sayang mama, sayang semua,
section 66, mansuh,mansuh



gender bukan di celah kangkang anda


Art KLitique reviewed

Terima Kasih KL ArtKlitique

Art KL-itique

Browsing visual arts in Kuala Lumpur
"Shika’s use of pixel GIFs is a wonderful extension to her art repertoire, which complements a vivid and incisive style; it is also an especially relevant medium to comment on current issues. A religious officer bursts into a transgender beauty pageant, only to be awarded ‘best dressed’. An iconic image of the Merdeka declaration, sees tears streaming down one Prime Minister’s face. Light reflects off the ‘Puncak Purnama’ sculptures, to give a federal minister an eyesore. Pokemon Go is hilariously translated into Malay, with a poke at religious authorities to boot. Irreverent colloquialisms like the Malaysian favourite 'otw' (on the way) also get an animated update, the medium particularly great for representing speed."

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

pecah berkecai/fragmented to bits

'Msia is divided by race, religion, sex, gender, class, language, so fragmented down to the last bits and everyone is on their own.' - mak Anon
AUGUST 19 — Malaysia is in dire states. The economy is in a rut. Homes are unaffordable. Car prices are through the roof and to top it off, Malaysians don’t get along with one another.
Each distinct group has its own issues. Malaysians are so focused on the micro-aspect that the bigger picture is often time neglected.
Going into 60 years of independence, and our education system is still one big joke. You have one group who refuses to embrace English and you would have another group supposedly defending an identity.
Moving forward, you have Malaysians who are unable to even string simple sentences of Malay despite it being the national language.
Things are fast becoming unhealthy. Each group is waging its wars but there is no uniformity between the groups due to the different wars and skirmishes.
Malaysia is left unattended. There exist common enemies but its citizens are too preoccupied with nonsense to smell and spot the truth.
This Malaysia that we are living in today is only borrowed from the eventual owners that will be our children. We are giving them one big mess and is it this legacy that we want to leave behind?
The wedge between the people is worrying. The people should come together. This, however, is easier said than done.
It is easier said than done simply because you have one group who feels they are being discriminated while another group feels slighted that there are monopolies by a certain group on the economy.
But is this all true?
Education is the way forward but the education system is in shambles. The main objective for education should be unity. It should be unity first and foremost instead of the usual rates like literacy and mathematics.
What good is a Malaysian who can read and count but is racist and to top it off, is racist to fellow Malaysians?
People keep saying that Malaysia in the past was a totally different place. I wouldn’t know a thing being that I was born in 1987 but if what is said was true, why did those that lived during the good times produced offspring nothing like them?
A friend who still plays music says that the scene is different but outside the scene it is status quo as usual. Different individuals from different groups have no problems as their war is music.
They are more preoccupied on bending techniques, stomp box pedals and what amps has the best gains instead of the usual rhetoric.
Malaysia. It’s a nice place with nice people. The food is abundant and fabulous. I am not a huge fan of the weather though but that’s bearable. We need a common enemy. The enemy is there but why are we fighting each other?
Malaysia is made up of many different people. This is our strength and we should play to it. But this isn’t the case.
Happy 60th birthday Malaysia. You deserve better.
* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of Malay Mail Online.
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marilan bercucuk tanam

demi masa depan kita bersama

recycle daun bawang

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2013 Quezon City. Taxi.


2013 Quezon City.
Before i went to the Manila, i was warned when taking the train not to stare at people's eyes, like Americans they can carry guns. Another safety precautions is when taking taxi immediately lock the door and take the taxi number, make sure when you snap the photo, turn on the sound so the taxi driver know you're passing the information to your friends and know your whereabouts. I did this most of the time and so far nothing happened. There are a few cases iheard school kids got kidnapped and they jump from the taxi. And also i found out when using English they will know you're not local and can get cheated easily like my first time from airport to my destination. So i try using my simple tagalog that i can remember. 'Opo'. When the taxi driver talking to me, i just 'Opo' all the way until he turn his head or look at the mirror and realized i'm not local. Some how i can blend in easily.
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Sunday, August 14, 2016

December 7th 2013 - Manila Pride

December 7th 2013 - Manila Pride
I think i can say that on this date that it was the best time that i had here in the Philippines. Its the 19th Manila Pride March 2013. I was just cameback from a long trip up north to Ilocos (Navarcan & Gregorio Del Pilar). And apparently i heard they organize this last minute. Quezon City initially where its original location was cancelled by the mayor in remembrance of the typhoon Yolanda but last minute the organizers trying to contact all other LGBTQ organizations for the new location in Malate before 2-3 days and the turn up was really amazing. Many organizations ive known and some new to me was there. I tag along ATP group members Dindi, Krizia again. Went to Dindi's house early in the morning, the to Krizia's house, pick up ATP banner, fetch Aryan from the LRT which she came all the way from Ilocos to Quezon City, took a cab and straight for Malate.
I never thought in my life i would have attend pride march before and this was my first experience attending pride march and in Philippines it was really in huge numbers. I notice people here are more aware of everyday poitics and also what's happening in the US. Most people from all walks of life are participating because they know the inequality in the economy is directly connected with people in power.
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Quezon City 2013.


Quezon City 2013. 
I love it whenever it rains especially here in Philippines. Just like in Msia. The hard rain seems to wash all the filth and sadness in this world with a hard scrub and after that everything seems fresh and new. I learn that people here and later in Japan as well, are more in tune and aware of their weather forecast everyday (typhoon) and bring the umbrella. (In Msia guys seldom carry umbrella,probably not macho). I also learn not to use the smartphone in public because of petty theft. Because of poverty many people using the old Nokia phone and carry digital camera separately rather get robbed using the smartphone and of course the thieves know about this, i read in an interview with a guy who got robbed, he said the thief knows he's carrying his smartphone in the bag and eventually have to surrender it at a knife point at his throat. That's the reason i bought this cheap digital camera when i took this photo it was blurry because of slow in making the image sharper... Inequality sucks, life goes on, people have to survive. As i was told, poor people here can be poor and happy at the same time because your neighbor will feed you. Resilient and perseverance here are doubled or tripled not just because of economy, also because of the typhoon that often knock on the door.‪#‎api2013diary‬ ‪#‎shikanostalgia‬

Quezon City 1st January 2014.


1st January 2014, Cubao Quezon City 
new year fireworks aftermath next a post apocalyptic can hear water drips from the pipe #‎api2013diary‬ ‪#‎shikanostalgia‬

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Punx for Seitan fest 2016


Punx for Seita Fest 2016









Puissypixelgif - 'skrgselamanya/noweternity4'


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Vampires is the second single from our upcoming album "Endless Summer".


Strangers in a dark room, laughing at jokes they didn't quite hear
Frosted window panes and cheap champagne a face appears
And anything could happen in these cathedrals we roam
Where shadow people dance and trade their glance and walk home alone

She's staring out the window of the Roosevelt Hotel
Watching midtown empty out and I kiss her farewell
They say we come from nothing and to nothing we'll return
And in between is gravity and bridges left to burn


released June 10, 2016
Music & Lyrics: Tim McEwan & Tyler Lyle
Saxophone: Thomas Edinger