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Lukas Schwekendiek
Lukas SchwekendiekBeen studying Fortune 500 CEOs and how they reached success with what they do

1. Sacrificing important things. In the end, we all only have 24 hours in a day. To reach success you have to sacrifice spending time on important things to be able to have more time to spend on the things that really matter. Check every week what you can give up to gain something better.
2. Believing what you want instead of what others tell you. Most beliefs people hold are not based on fact and are not true whatsoever. Get into the habit of believing that which empowers you and makes you feel amazing instead of the things that others tell you to believe. If it is not certain what is real, believe the thing that makes you feel better.
3. Getting motivated. Motivation is an emotion that doesn’t last, but that is of enormous help. Find things that motivate you every day.
4. Thinking less. Thought usually hinders us in our actions. When we think about things to do we tend to think about ways it can go wrong or reasons why we shouldn’t do something. Stop thinking and start doing.
5. Going to bed early. To be at the top of your game you need enough sleep. Yes, successful people get up somewhere between 4 and 6 in the morning, but they can only do that because they go to bed between 9 and 11 in the evening.
6. Keeping track of your progress. Even though you may believe that you know, unless you can actually see the evidence in front of you, you will never know for sure. Know exactly how you spend your time and how you are doing in your habits. If you are really motivated: Graph it!
7. Having a clean space. Keep your apartment, room, and/or house clean. Leave as little clutter as you can, and always take care of the mess right away. Anything that aids your motivation and makes you feel great is worth doing.
8. Speaking only positively about your future. Say things as if they already happened, or as if there is no way they will not happen. If you believe it is a fact that you will get an amazing life, you will act accordingly and receive it.
9. Gratitude. Thank as many things and people as you can. Most successful people come from a place where they had absolutely nothing, which is why they are grateful about every little thing that they have. This makes even the most simple things special and amazing.
10. Doing it all. Whenever you see tips online, or hear about some great strategies, do them all. You can never have enough of a good thing when it comes to reaching success.
11. Never giving up on what matters. If you want something, find a way to get it. Not because you necessarily want that thing that bad, but instead because youabsolutely have to prove to yourself that you can get whatever you set your mind to.
12. Doing what you said you would no matter what. Success comes from not giving up halfway through. Everyone is on the way to be successful in what they do, but only 1% of all people actually see it through. Do what you said you would. No matter what.
13. Spending more money on yourself. Not on beauty products, clothes or video games, but instead on gathering information, finding connections and learning more through books. Spend money on the only thing that lasts: Yourself.
14. Stop caring. Not only about the people around you, but also about whether or not you will accomplish your goal. The less you care about it, the less stress you will experience when you work, which will make your work more fun and you will get to success much faster than you thought you could. Stop chasing it and you will get it.

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Rose had to flee her native Malaysia as her life as a transgender became unbearable. She is currently living at a refugee camp in Surahmmar. This is her story.

Rose Richerd, 29, came to Sweden from Malaysia. Her transition to becoming a transwoman put her at risk in her native country and has damaged her health - but she tells The Local her life in Sweden is "wonderful".

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Make it Work Productions My Body is a Battleground Uneton48 ✔

Last 21st May, i participated in an art students short film competition Uneton48 (or the sleepless 48hours where a team of film maker make a film within that time frame), the team director were partly inspired by my zine 'Bercakap dengan skrin', part of the dialogue conversed is from the zine. It is super awkward looking at myself and hearing the voice monologue but a very interesting experience indeed. Its an all women, girl power team. It was really fun experience being in the production and also being at the location where the old abandoned house were located, and the crew work flawlessly complimenting each other making the process very smoothly. Really grateful to be involved in this project and just to make it clear the line in the film also talking about Trans person experience and journey in general.
'Make it work production - My body is a battleground' - 'Bercakap dengan skrin zine' view online or download for free

At the primere screening in the theatre

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Shika / Jpn / mixtape 2014

Shika / Jpn / mixtape 2014
Done some compiling the sound of Japan when i was there for 6 months. Still not polished yet but its a collection of mixtapes of punk/electronic/rock/gigs, pubs, clubs, sound of commuting the public transport especially the train, friend's singing, karaoke session and more~

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archieved / arkib

Not sure wether its that important but kind of feel proud a little bit...

gender disphoria

First i was like kind of ignore it, then i kinda of feel the urge to response....
being misgendered and gender dysphoria seems like a history after transitioning but
i feel like doing it for fun once in a while hehe

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thoughts / feedback

zine material

Feedback from fb (photo dated 22Sep2015, today last year). 
Thoughts = when i was living in KL, being full time freelance, the art bazaar 'Art for Grabs' is the only outlet for me to sell my artwork and i'm grateful to friends and customers who's always supported my artwork.  Thank you

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Vlog Puissy - 19Sep2016 / bukan Transformah

Here are 5 hacks that can help you train your brain.
Tip: Start with one. Pick something you can incorporate into your schedule today. Then, practice it throughout the week. Once you get the hang of it, try another. Experiment. Take note of how your brain reacts to the change and how it adapts. See what works best for you and which change has the biggest effect on your mental performance.

Hack #1. Do your hard work first.
You can’t expect your brain to work fast if you leave the most complex tasks for later in the evening. Why not? The answer lies in your circadian rhythm, i.e. your biological clock. For most of us, our peak performance time for solving analytical tasks is around 2 hours after we wake up. Use this time for mental activities such as reading and reviewing, writing, problem-solving and developing your critical thinking skills.
Make your mornings count. If your alarm goes off at 8, take advantage of your peak focus times which are 2 hours after, in this case between 10 a.m. and noon.

Hack #2. Condense your time.
Don’t let a mental task take hours to complete. Just because you’ve set aside half the day to cover a certain amount of study material or work on a project does not mean that your brain will be able to pay attention the entire time. Instead, use a timer to get your mind to work within a deadline you set for yourself.
Try the Pomodoro technique for short 25-minute increments to cover one assignment (homework, problem-solving, exercises), then take a 5 minute break.

Hack #3. Make your brain prioritize.
Like everyone else, your average day probably consists of juggling multiple priorities and worrying whether you’ll get everything done in time to meet various deadlines. Why not train your brain to focus early so that it knows where to use energy on what matters most to you?
Start each morning with this question: What is the one thing I am committed to completing today? Write it on a large sheet of paper, then hang it somewhere so you see it first thing when you wake up (on your bedroom or bathroom wall, for example). Then, think which task is your top priority to finish that day, and answer your question out loud.

Hack #4. Think on your feet.
Don’t wait until later in the day to start thinking about a problem or challenge you’re facing at school or work. Instead, use some of your downtime to mull things over in your head. The benefit? When you interrupt your work with a pause, you actually improve cognitive function by creating a task-specific tension; this is a well-known concept in psychology called the Zeigarnik effect. Taking a break allows your brain to keep the problem top of mind, focus better, and easily access the information to solve the problem faster.
One idea is to take a walk after your lunch or dinner break. It will give your brain a chance to reflect on what you’ve absorbed during your busy day. Another idea is to use the breaks between study or work sessions to do something completely unrelated to your work: cooking a meal, reading a book for pleasure, listening to or playing music, running an errand, making a phone call to a friend, or going outside for some sun and fresh air.

Hack #5. Reboot your brain with sleep.
If you think that you must stay up late (or all night!) to cram for an exam or meet an important deadline for work, you’re not giving your brain the opportunity to function optimally. Over time, the odds are stacked against you, because chronic sleep deprivation can impact your concentration, reduce your cognitive abilities so you need more time to complete even simple tasks, and can even reduce your IQ. Make sure that you adjust your work schedule so you have time to reboot and renew your energy.
There’s an easy way to train your brain to wind down at the same time each night: by incorporating a simple nighttime routine. The benefit? You don’t run the risk of forgetting what time it is and then feeling groggy the next morning because you haven’t rested enough. Plus, a nighttime routine helps you chill out faster and prepare for bedtime.

Circadian Rhythm – The Biological Clock Affecting Your Performance

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

friend's blogs & Lagu tiga Sixpence

slowly digging through friend's blog, food and travel~
South East Asia/Malaysian



btw 2 days ago, i was playing a folk Malay song/nursery rhymes on a guitar 'Lagu tiga kupang' then my friend noticed the lyrics and told me isn't that an old nursery rhymes that she knew before, googled and found its an old English nursery rhymes Sing a Song of Sixpence
Lyrically similar and connected...the question is i thought it was brought by the Brits to Malaya during 1700 but a little more digging/googling, its more about Black beard's recruiting pirates....more below

The surprising truth is that this innocent little rhyme, which dates from the early 1700s, actually represents a coded message used to recruit crew members for pirate vessels!
Pirates (or corsairs, privateers whose activities were sanctioned by letters of marque from a sovereign) did not spend all their time at sea: they cruised the waters in areas such as the Mediterranean, the Spanish Main, or the Atlantic coast of North America, looking for prizes, and they returned to port when the need for supplies or repairs demanded it. Upon reaching port, the ship’s captain paid off the crew (primarily by dividing the spoils of whatever they had captured), and the crew members then dispersed ashore (usually to spend all their pay on alcohol and prostitutes as quickly as possible). Some crewmen tended to stay in the vicinity, but others left for other regions, caught on with other ships, died, were killed, or simply disappeared. Thus, much like the captains of naval vessels and merchant traders, the captains of pirate ships needed to recruit new crew members whenever they embarked on yet another venture. Since piracy (as opposed to privateering) was against the law, pirates devised codes that could be used to advertise for crew members without openly revealing their illegal affiliations.
The nursery rhyme “Six a Song of Sixpence” was a coded message that evolved over several years’ times and was used by confederates of the notorious pirate Blackbeard to recruit crew members for his prize-hunting expeditions. Like many other messages passed down to us over hundreds of years by oral tradition, there is no one “official” version, nor is there a “correct” interpretation for any particular variant. In general, however, the most common form of this rhyme bore these veiled meanings:
Related news:
On another note, i blogged something about 'Pantun' or old Malay folks of rhyming that were translated into English by French poets in 19th century previously...
"When French poets rediscovered the form in the nineteenth century, they were drawn to the pantun berkait- a pantun form made up of interlocking verses."

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nostalgia sound = time-stamp/bookmarks

The sound of nostalgia / music as a bookmark of the past human experience
Imagine your body is a spaceship speeding towards the unknown in the universe which is life and at the back of your mind, you'll know the spaceship will someday coming to halt and uncertainties is a bitch. The only temporary comfort you can find in the eternal uncertainties is remembering the pocket of times and memories which already became certain in the past.

Some of the music that evokes nostalgia and a sense of longing like looking into the tropical rain cleansing the world by the window holding warm chocolate drink, getting lost in the visual fields of mirage of the neon city lights.
Way way back i often question why some of the people i've come across like to put on same old music over and over again, and guessing why they seemed trapped in a pocket or bubble of time and evidently some hint on the clothing they wear. Later sailing through life i noticed i too have a collection of music that evokes a sense of longing and familiarity when played it feels like reclaming the youth, the energy or the previous innocent form that we use to have. Music that served as a bookmark to how we feels at a certain time in the past where when its played now, its like time travelling back instantly back at the same spot, same tangible memories that hold the truth of our life and existence in this time and age. Music that evokes nostalgia and a sense of longing. Everyone should have a different kind of music that they come scross that they remember and bookmarked. What's yours?

When i was growing up living in Malaysia/Melaka/Ujong Pasir/Kuala Lumpur. i felt lucky to have been exposed to many cultures, including local ones, pop cultures of different neighbouring and far countries and their exports (cultural practise, language, subconscious propaganda). Early 80s american, british, japanese, hong kong, china, india, indonesia, thailand. Their cultural products in music, tv series, radio programmes, cartoons, anime. 
Japan has always been a soft spot in my heart. I dont know how to say but the word 'nostalgia' is the one word best to describe the energy i felt from her. When i get the chance to go there for my research in 2014, one thing that i think miss doing is kissing the groud when i landed there like an old friend that i knew who kneel and kissed the ground when he reach Vietnam airport as if he use to be born and lived there in his previous life.
I also get to make few good friends and again when Genmai san played a few songs for me with his guitar, the nostalgia feeling buzzing like a phone on silent and vibrate mode.
Same sense tingling when visiting Nakano broadway that serve as an archieve of old and new Japanese manga and anime. Sound and visual. Heaps of nostalgia. Going through Yoyogi park on Sunday, you will find the usual Rockabilly dancers showing off their moves. Probably their sense of nostalgia towards American pop culture or the romantisizing of it, like i romantisizing some part of japanese culture and music. Probably it has to do with what i want in my culture when i was growing up, where everybody respect each other but instead i was surrounded and growing up in a masculinze, tough, crass environment, language and behaviour which is quite ok too. Probably too much of it that i felt my surroundings need to be a little bit more zen hence the feeling of longing and nostalgia and i find comfort looking at the rain cleansing and give birth to a new world again. Pluviophile is the word i discovered later recently to describe this sense of being. 
Some music that discovered later also evokes some sense of nostalgia, not just 80s, 90s but later in 2k.
to be continued...

Genmai san mixtape:

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YEE I-LANN: 2005-2016 (teaser video)

Yee-iLann's current exhibition in Manila after her New York show:

YEE I-LANN: 2005-2016 (teaser video) from Silverlens on Vimeo.

Slumb-a-Chamber digest

Curator / artist Dhiyannah take on her last exhibition

Slumb-a-Chamber, an exhibition curated by Dhiyanah Hassan, was a week-long installation feature, part of Lightforge’s Northern Hemisphere event for George Town Festival 2016.
The installation ran from 13th to 19th August at Wisma Yeap Chor Ee, with an opening night on the 13th August, 6pm, organized by our sponsor and featuring a spoken-word performance by Bali-based Canadian poet, Skid More.
‘Slumb-a-Chamber’ was partially sponsored by Penang Women’s Development Corporation (PWDC). Northern Hemisphere was sponsored/supported by Epson and George Town Festival.”
– quoted from a project report for the purpose of documenting and archiving. 
CONCEPT NOTE in past tenseVisual and poetic elements meet in ‘Slumb-a-Chamber,’ where audiences were invited to explore the subtle commentary of how personal and public merge in a woman’s life.
The word ‘chamber’ is used today to describe a space made for the purpose of formal meetings or official events. It was, however, historically used to denote a more private space, specifically a bedroom. In this installation, the Northern Hemisphere dome was transformed to look like a bedroom. A mattress lay in the center, blanket and pillow ready for strange heads to rest on – a clothes rack held painted shirts in which the titles and blurbs for each artwork could be found. The artworks themselves were projected on a loop onto the inner wall of the dome, distorting and dancing in a play of light, color, and shadows.
Here, a woman’s bedroom acts as symbolism for how the private issues of her life are often turned into matter for public scrutiny. What happens behind closed doors reflect how she navigates the public, and vice versa. Gender-based prejudices accumulate and her daily life is a constant compromise between herself and spaces that are easily hostile towards girls and women.
Slumb-a-Chamber,’ at the very core of it, is a creative execution of stories that resist the alienation of women’s narratives from the universal human experience.
Playing with conventions of Fairy Tales, slam poetry and stand-up comedy, Skid More presents ‘Madelyn,’ a live performance that asks, how old is too old to have a baby?
The performance was strong and engaging, delivering a powerful message through an ecstatically sharp humor. The audience easily followed Skid’s voice, her gestures and expressions, as she switched from being spotlit, to being projected via a live video feed onto the wall behind her, to whipping out a flashlight and squirting water from a syringe on her face.  It was immersive and engaging, a delicious extension to the featured artwork in the installation.
“They said she was too old to have a baby – truth be toldMadelyn never really wanted toA Husband? I do?Sounds a lot like a free pembantuThen a baby? Going into labour?Labour? ….there’s more unpaid work?”
Side note: Skid’s performance was such a big treat for opening night. Fortunately, the press had left by then so we could experience the uncensored poem of the show. Not so fortunate was the last-minute cancellation of the performance on Sunday night. I found out later that, despite no one showing up before the scheduled performance, some peopledid try to catch it. And in the team’s utter exhaustion, I didn’t think to make a cancellation announcement. Now there’s a lesson to learn.

Four visual art series were commissioned for the installation’s projection. Each series of projection highlights an aspect of the lived realities of women, forming a narrative that invites viewers to look, listen, and question the oppressive social forms they witness in their own day-to-day lives.
The initial idea was to have these projections triggered by an electronic contraption. This fixture could not be finalized on time for the show and so we decided to proceed with a streaming slideshow of the series, projected on a loop – the show must go on!

‘In My Own Space’ by ERYN
A series of drawings depicting the inner world of a female character – the quirks, charms, and mystique that happens in an individual’s personal space. There are conversations with little mind-creatures. Acts of searching, exploring and mending are gleaned in the intricate worlds spun by ERYN’s pen.
The drawings were compiled into a video presenting each in their original black and white format. As each drawing spins across the dome’s wall, the colors change into inversions accented by a sequence of hues ranging from blue to red. 
Check out some of these drawings on ERYN’s Facebook and Instagram. You can also find out more about her works on her website.

‘Maybe Baby’ by Kim Khaira
A series of illustrations addressing the ridiculous pressure a woman’s community (friends, family, society) places on her to ‘settle down’ into motherhood. She faces these pressures and grapples with the stress of having her own decisions nearly taken away from her. In the sequence of drawings, she contemplates these external expectations while trying to find her own voice.
The illustrations were projected with their colors inverted, the high contrast and movements creating an experience wherein the audience could be immersed in the emotional atmosphere of the images.
Here’s a short video of the projection, you can find some of Kim’s art on her Instagram.

‘Working Gal’ by Shieko Reto
This series of animated GIFs highlights the reality of a woman in the professional work environment. Her abilities are questioned and her personality under social surveillance, just because she’s a woman. She works just as hard – or sometimes harder – than her male peers, and still gets less acknowledgment or compensation for her work.
The GIFs were lined up in a streaming projection, dancing around the inner walls of the dome. Each GIF presented a short animation of an instance of gender-based prejudice in the workplace. 
You can view the full set on Shieko’s blog. She is also on Instagram.

‘Warrior Walk’ by Dhiyanah Hassan
An audio-visual poem capturing the anxieties of a woman as she steps out of her private space into the public, peopled world. This piece aims to highlight long-term effects of gender-based discrimination, how these prejudices result in hostile spaces for girls/women. Every step then becomes a battle cry resisting aggression in favor of the hope for kindness.

Fore more on this piece, check out this post.

Full coverage here:

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Siri 'Bercakap dengan skrin' zine

Just uploaded 'Bercakap dengan skrin'zine that was made early this year on Feb 2016 and can be read online and downloaded for free here:

'Bercakap dengan Skrin' or directly translated 'Talking to the screen' is a title taken from an old Malay compilation of urband legends or horror stories during the 80s and the 90s, the title chosen because of the sense of nostalgia. It's just a dialogue between me and the other person thousand kilometers away via laptop screen, some spontaneous dialogue, some just thought that resulted from a dialogue. 'Bercakap dengan skrin' also is a reflection of today's human phenomena in communication between human, dialogue that could be another 100 years urban legend printed in a tabloid read by migrants in a new land as a comfort from stress and harsh reality in between hard labour in the future...