Saturday, July 20, 2013


so many things inside here need sorting out, laid out in a catchy, easy to digest & informative imagery.....U_U'

Friday, July 05, 2013

I AM YOU psa campaign

This educational video campaign is specifically designed to raise awareness regarding the trans* community, in hopes to foster understanding and promote tolerance and acceptance in this society towards trans people and subsequently bridge the gap between the trans*
 community and the society.

I AM YOU PSA part5: Employment & Career Goals

I AM YOU PSA part4: Family

I AM YOU PSA part3: Sexual Reassignment Surgery & Healthcare

I AM YOU PSA part2: Discrimination

I AM YOU PSA part1: I am a Picture of You

Action steps to be a trans* ally from ProjectX, Singapore

Flyer for ProjectX for the Trans community and allies in Singapore

The King Khan & the BBQ Show poster

Your body is a battleground

Originally, the line and the design was inspired from Barbara Kruger's work:
but the more i think about it, the more it relates to transwomen and transmen and their bodies, what we've gone through. For transwomen we will try our best to erase, stop or prevent our body from being masculinized. It's a very tough and long battle to have body and mind/heart in the opposite direction of each other. So what we do is to synch them or at least die trying. The illustrations above visually is about the same or almost with Kruger's work but i try to make it more personal by asking a friend to take a picture of me half-naked and turn it into flat graphics. It's a long battle inside and a constant battle outside against the uninformed/misinformed and judgemental society. With hormones and surgery they're at least help mirror the soul.