Friday, June 27, 2014

Seku Hara and Tempé

Finally, everyday i walk pass by this Indonesian food place and today i tried and see, there are some free seats so i ordered Nasi Goreng, Kopi Bali and tapau some tempé. I had a chat with the owner, his name is Petang, a nickname or his village where he came from in Bali. I'm asking how long he's been opening his place and other stuff, he said he's been living in Japan for 12 years but the shop was opened for 5 years. He married a Japanese and she's an office lady. I ask him about his shop how he first open it, it was quite expensive the first time he opens the shop, he was struggling with buying all the kitchen wares.
He also mention this morning news he saw on TV there's tighter law regarding sexual harrasment or 'SekuHara' towards women so that's why most Japanese men are single. First he ask me wether in malaisea, if my family members, friends, relatives asking me wether i'm married or not. But in Japan, for example asking a woman without knowing the person, like first time meeting a women and asking how old is she or is she married, she can easily go and make police report and the guy asking could get sentenced for sexual harassment. We're just comparing between malaisea, Indonesia and Japan. That's why he said most Japanese men go to Bali or Indonesia, so they can ask the local are you married? maybe he was joking around but maybe that's how he met his wife. Petang also is an artist. He do paintings of mostly Bali traditional dancers like the ones on his shop's wall, and he sold them for 1000¥ per piece like A5 size. He also mention Bali is the only place in the world left that strongly practise their traditions, i guess that means their local custom were perfectly preserved from other cultural invasions. But i love it how he's talking in Indonesian but laced with Nihon go here and there so its kinda unique and cute as well.

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