Monday, April 30, 2012

10 years

Self portrait & theme 10 years for an exhibition few months ago

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Rembau's heartbreaking arghh arghh and Singapore's bonafide 
instrumentalist is giving birth to a baby, apparently in 7" format.
This is their tour leg in Kuala Lumpur.

08.6 (Fri) - @Blackbox Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur 8.00 p.m.

Monday, April 23, 2012


credit:Jellene Eva

credit:Dorian Wilde
Here's a good comic explaining simply what trans people are about.
Can be used for educational material.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


drawings form 2010, its a workshop about civil law & syariah law for transfolks. How to deal with the officers. This country is govern by the civil law but apparently the syariahs is creeping out trying to outdo the other. Outside on the streets, in some situation its best to run if not just act normal & give in but never admit 'guilty'. This is how they use the system & rob the community money & dignity from time to time. Most trans people from some states are victimized & discriminated by the syariah laws. Naturally since the election is coming soon, the trans & LGBT issues being played again in all the ultra negative vibes from the government owned mainstream media, its revolting. Time to balance out the force. Vote

here's a good article by Jana
It is extremely disconcerting that the government has reached a new low in its targeting of the LGBT community.

In less than a month, the equally homophobic mainstream media has faithfully reported opinions of hate-mongering politicians in order to deflect the rakyat's attention from the actual malaise affecting this nation, lousy governance.

In fact I would like to propose an extensive counselling programme to the honourable DPM Muhyiddin Yassin to deter corruption among politicians. Now that would be money well spent, failing which we send them to jail.

I also propose a mandatory personality test to weed out racists, homophobes and sexists elected representatives so that the rakyat are effectively represented in Parliament.

It is vital to understand that this a carefully constructed 'sandiwara' to really draw attention away from pressing problems we face on a day to day basis in this country.
For instances, Ron 97 just went up by 10 cents, NFC is divesting its ill begotten assets, economic is suffering and the coffers of the nation are dry, but none of these get the attention that they deserve from the ruling junta.

I am not going to go into the details of how a person's sexuality or gender orientation has nothing to do with their ability to host a chat show, run for office or become the prime minister. There is a lot research and case studies which support the fact that given equally opportunities any LGBT individual can reach his/her fullest potential to contribute greatly to society.

However, an LGBT individual suffers great discrimination from birth because he/she is not considered the norm hence does not get the opportunity to fulfill his/her potential. 
The homophobia displayed by the likes of the deputy prime minister Muhyiddin and Bayan Baru MP Zahrain Mohamad Hashim will given credence to misconceptions already being perpetuated about the LGBT community. In fact, any sane politician could attest to the fact that a nation thrives when its citizens are productive.

As a voter since it is all about the 13th general election, I am perfectly clear on my stand about politicians who are homophobic, hate-mongers or blatantly ignorant. I do not want to cringe every time my elected representative unabashedly contributes to hatred against another Malaysian.

Oh yes, let us not forget that the LGBT community also votes! I would in fact write/call/visit my parliamentarian and tell him/her exactly how I feel about homophobia and the vilification of the LGBT community.

If he/she does not hold the very same principles which I do, I would effectively campaign against him/her. I will not tolerate homophobia or hatred in the country that love and call home.

& the general election is coming soon, its best time to vote, here's a good article from Pang,

THE POWER OF LGBT VOTES IN MALAYSIA: Around the world, LGBTs represent around 3 to 10 percent of the population. Malaysian homo sapiens are not more homo. So it is certainly not 30 percent here as recently claimed by a counsellor in Utusan. This counsellor said his data is solid because he heard it from his gay clients who are being cured of gayness by him. This is what happens when people have simplistic understanding about the world. This is how our education has failed us.

The Ministry of Education is not the only institution that has failed us. And all other Ministries, either in promoting discrimination and misunderstanding of LGBTs or keeping silent when we are discriminated, have also failed us. But the country has not only failed the LGBTs. It has failed all minorities. This government has only been manipulating and pandering to the majority because it is interested in their votes. This is where they are wrong.

The upcoming General Elections will be a close fight. In many constituencies, the difference between the winning candidate and the losing candidate will be about 3 to 10 percent of the votes, the same percentage of LGBTs in society. LGBT voters therefore make up that difference between winning and losing. With the majority split half and half to either coalition, the fates of this election lies in the fabulous hands of the minorities.

Whether we are out and proud LGBTs or we are in the closet or we are friends and families of LGBTs, we must vote the candidate most likely to create a better future for everyone, minorities and all.

So all you MP wannabes who want our votes?
1. Be nice to us.
2. We don't need special treatment. We don't need to be cured. We are fine as we are. We just want equality. Treat us all with respect.
3. We are a peaceful people. We want to make peace with ourselves. We want to make peace with others. Yet many are fighting us. We are not surprised. It is because they are ignorant about us, they misunderstand us. Your task is not to take sides, not to censor, not to ban. Your task is to facilitate peace making. And understanding leads to peace.
4. Give us space to be who we are and to promote our rights. We want to fully participate in society. We are tired of simply existing in the shadows where it becomes easy for others to mistreat us. We want to help make Malaysia a better home for everyone.
5. Educate yourself about us. Talk to us. Hear our side.
6. Educate the public about us. Promote understanding. Give us space to talk about ourselves.
7. Stop saying stupid shit about us or other minorities.
8. Apologise for your party's stupid shit. Call on your own members to apologise when they say stupid shit.
9. You don't only represent the people who vote for you. You don't represent the majority only. For the majority certainly doesn't represent the minorities. You represent all.
10. Be nice to everyone, especially minorities. Malaysia is big enough for us all.

Seriously, we are watching you now. We have families and friends who care about us too. So don't mess with us. We are the king and queen makers.