Saturday, April 11, 2015

Performing Gender

An Audio visual presentation and conversation featuring Sharon Chin, Shika Corona, Sharaad Kuttan and Edwin Sumun, moderated by Thilaga, Founder of Justice for Sisters, that will explore femininity, masculinity, gender performativity and the diverse expressions and manifestations of gender through art and performance.

Here is an article on gender expression and identities that will give you an idea of the topic that they will talk about :

Judith Butler - Gender Performance

About our speakers :

Sharon Chin (b.1980) is an artist living in Port Dickson, Malaysia. She makes all kinds of things in all kinds of places, from galleries to city sidewalks. She's hung sails across an embassy lobby, listened to strangers' hearts on the streets of Sydney, and gotten teargassed while wearing a costume of yellow flowers. Recently, she bathed in public with 100 people for "Mandi Bunga/Flower Bath", a project at Singapore Biennale 2013. She is currently working on 'In The Land that Never Was Dry', a series of illustrated journalism pieces about water issues in

Shika is an illustrator and artist from Kuala Lumpur. She regularly contributes artwork and illustrations for the use of various groups and NGOs. Select exhibitions include 'The Art of Giving: Nobody Gets Left Behind' (2015), Singapore Biennale 2013, API scholarship(2013-2014),'Seksualiti Merdeka', Annexe Gallery, Central Market, Malaysia (2012), 'Malaysia's 49th Merdeka Mural', National Art Gallery, Malaysia (2010) and 'Not That Balai', Lost Generation Space, Malaysia (2005). Aside from being an artist and traveling across art circles, Shika or Shieko is regularly involved in community mobilization and empowerment activities with the trans community.

Edwin Sumun is a critically acclaimed award winning theatre practitioner. Having received an award for Outstanding Contribution To Theatre in his early 20s while living in Germany, Edwin returned to Malaysia in 1997 and rebooted his career when he was invited to be a member of The Instant Cafe Theatre Company in the same year. The company fined tuned his perception for socio-political satire. Having found his voice and strength in telling stories of individuals and identity, Edwin founded his own company, SUMUNDA in 2004. Then in 2009, Edwin, having noticed a change in the theatrical and social climate, decided to introduce SHELAH!!! to the public. Created as a reaction to an article by a politician, SHELAH!!! has since become the beacon of expression of self and continues to spread joy and living ‘right’.

“Being my self is just the beginning of what I born to be” says Edwin
“He’s the guy who gives me life (and great hair!)” Shelah quips

Edwin was commissioned to write for the World Economic Forum as he remains in Malaysia. Shelah has travelled and performed, including the Vienna Arts Festival. Together they won the Audience Choice Award at the 11th BOH Cameroonian Arts Awards. Together they continue to share their tears and laughter with everyone.

SPEAK UP! Thie panel is part of artACT!
Free admission.

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