Saturday, April 26, 2014



April 25
At CGS, Mao san is helping me translating the  I Am You campaign to Japanese so, its easier for local to understand Malaysia transgender issues, i'm going to give it away during the pride this Sunday. Followed Mao san to xerox the flyers around 100 A4 and cut them into 2. The printing room contain many printers and cutters, some machine are quite hi-tech and very fast. I told Mao san everything in Japan is very convenient or Konbini and joking this country is Konbini-nation. 

Mao san also is helping me to organize an exhibition at the university library this end of May to early June, we going to have a workshop like an art therapy workshop because i told Mao san about my new research asking the LGBTIQ people to draw or express themselves on paper like a kind of art therapy because usually for transwomen and from my personal experience we're gong through suicidal phase when we we're young and hate our body so much. Suicide rate among trans people are high probably lack of support, when they were young they have intense hatred towards their bodies or what some scientist called Gender Dysphoria and being in this condition with lack of help from organization and most kicked out from home and do sex work since young. 

I can't wait for this Tokyo Pride Sunday, i felt lucky because last year i get to join Manila Pride and this year Tokyo pride. a friend from Kuala Lumpur and Manila will also coming to join the fun and the festival is  a big awareness campaign for a conservative society in Japan.

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