Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sol invictus 1

The story is i was watching how few people using solar panels to melt rocks into larva on youtube. Then one day i was at Tiger (flyingtiger dot com) in Helsinki and saw a magnifying glass but it was a plastic version for reading because its dirt cheap around 1€. I tried to draw using it on paper but it was dissapointed because i was waiting for quite a long time to make it burn, so no plastic. Then i went to the local flee market and saw a magnifying glass around 11cm diameter and was selling at 5€, i tested it on the spot on my sketchbook and it burns less than 10 seconds. I created a hole in the sketchbook and the sun was around 12 noon-ish. And i bought it and brought it back home and try to draw the next day...and then i open youtube to look for other artists who's doing the same thing and found so far 2 artists who upload their videos using sun to draw. So yeah. It was already done but of course the subject matter is different. So its up to the artist and its a free energy. Use it before some galactic corporations take it away from us.
15May2017. 15:02. Experiment1/nuclear-powered-drawings. Title: Sol Invictus (unconquered sun)/Matahari. medium: wood/magnifying glass/sunray at 15:02. Size: 24x35cm

(2 vids)

Other artists:
Michael Papadakis

Jordan Mang-osan

Danny Rymer


ChinoDevean said...

A reference -->

Shiekoreto said...

yup, found 2 artists on youtube including this one, thanks!