Friday, May 19, 2017

ageist / hierachy / life


This is an advice to myself also whoever feels the same way. Stop being ageist or when you feel like you reach a certain age and think have experience a lot in life. Don't. Life is like river flowing and you're just an empty bottle or container floating about and only experience certain things when you fill up your space but in order to learn new things you also have to spill out the (air yang dah berkeladak dan tepu dlm tu) old water in order to refill with new experience. So….note to self….before the thought becoming materialize….(even though one can enjoy the pride of achieving something in life) stop being is the big river everflowing and you're the container floating about drifting in river of life and can only take in some amount and spill it out in order to learn or experience new things. 

The root of thoughts above is from some flashback memories of few person i encounter in life that somehow subtly demand to be respected because of age and whatever the hardship they encounter. I don't deny their or my own experience but its just a self reminder too that i shouldn't do that when i met a younger person who may have a different experience in a field that i'm not in as well...

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