Wednesday, August 24, 2016

pecah berkecai/fragmented to bits

'Msia is divided by race, religion, sex, gender, class, language, so fragmented down to the last bits and everyone is on their own.' - mak Anon
AUGUST 19 — Malaysia is in dire states. The economy is in a rut. Homes are unaffordable. Car prices are through the roof and to top it off, Malaysians don’t get along with one another.
Each distinct group has its own issues. Malaysians are so focused on the micro-aspect that the bigger picture is often time neglected.
Going into 60 years of independence, and our education system is still one big joke. You have one group who refuses to embrace English and you would have another group supposedly defending an identity.
Moving forward, you have Malaysians who are unable to even string simple sentences of Malay despite it being the national language.
Things are fast becoming unhealthy. Each group is waging its wars but there is no uniformity between the groups due to the different wars and skirmishes.
Malaysia is left unattended. There exist common enemies but its citizens are too preoccupied with nonsense to smell and spot the truth.
This Malaysia that we are living in today is only borrowed from the eventual owners that will be our children. We are giving them one big mess and is it this legacy that we want to leave behind?
The wedge between the people is worrying. The people should come together. This, however, is easier said than done.
It is easier said than done simply because you have one group who feels they are being discriminated while another group feels slighted that there are monopolies by a certain group on the economy.
But is this all true?
Education is the way forward but the education system is in shambles. The main objective for education should be unity. It should be unity first and foremost instead of the usual rates like literacy and mathematics.
What good is a Malaysian who can read and count but is racist and to top it off, is racist to fellow Malaysians?
People keep saying that Malaysia in the past was a totally different place. I wouldn’t know a thing being that I was born in 1987 but if what is said was true, why did those that lived during the good times produced offspring nothing like them?
A friend who still plays music says that the scene is different but outside the scene it is status quo as usual. Different individuals from different groups have no problems as their war is music.
They are more preoccupied on bending techniques, stomp box pedals and what amps has the best gains instead of the usual rhetoric.
Malaysia. It’s a nice place with nice people. The food is abundant and fabulous. I am not a huge fan of the weather though but that’s bearable. We need a common enemy. The enemy is there but why are we fighting each other?
Malaysia is made up of many different people. This is our strength and we should play to it. But this isn’t the case.
Happy 60th birthday Malaysia. You deserve better.
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