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December 7th 2013 - Manila Pride

December 7th 2013 - Manila Pride
I think i can say that on this date that it was the best time that i had here in the Philippines. Its the 19th Manila Pride March 2013. I was just cameback from a long trip up north to Ilocos (Navarcan & Gregorio Del Pilar). And apparently i heard they organize this last minute. Quezon City initially where its original location was cancelled by the mayor in remembrance of the typhoon Yolanda but last minute the organizers trying to contact all other LGBTQ organizations for the new location in Malate before 2-3 days and the turn up was really amazing. Many organizations ive known and some new to me was there. I tag along ATP group members Dindi, Krizia again. Went to Dindi's house early in the morning, the to Krizia's house, pick up ATP banner, fetch Aryan from the LRT which she came all the way from Ilocos to Quezon City, took a cab and straight for Malate.
I never thought in my life i would have attend pride march before and this was my first experience attending pride march and in Philippines it was really in huge numbers. I notice people here are more aware of everyday poitics and also what's happening in the US. Most people from all walks of life are participating because they know the inequality in the economy is directly connected with people in power.
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