Wednesday, August 17, 2016

2013 Quezon City. Taxi.


2013 Quezon City.
Before i went to the Manila, i was warned when taking the train not to stare at people's eyes, like Americans they can carry guns. Another safety precautions is when taking taxi immediately lock the door and take the taxi number, make sure when you snap the photo, turn on the sound so the taxi driver know you're passing the information to your friends and know your whereabouts. I did this most of the time and so far nothing happened. There are a few cases iheard school kids got kidnapped and they jump from the taxi. And also i found out when using English they will know you're not local and can get cheated easily like my first time from airport to my destination. So i try using my simple tagalog that i can remember. 'Opo'. When the taxi driver talking to me, i just 'Opo' all the way until he turn his head or look at the mirror and realized i'm not local. Some how i can blend in easily.
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