Tuesday, July 26, 2016

suit & vessel

a few years back i thought of writing/drawing sci-fi comic like Futurama but in Malaysia setting, the problem is i don't know much from the scientific angle but it clearly represents or based on Msia today but in the future settings/human achieved space-faring colony/civilization. In the process one of the thought was designing a suit (symbiotic-exo suit) that human will ever be wearing in their entire life since depleting of resources, an exo-suit that can shape-shift and adopt to multiple weather conditions and also mimicking previous style/fashion stored in the database, and also the suit make us comfort cooling, warming and don't need to wash that often, since it could be like our own skin, feels like it and can be programmed to mimick any clothes/textile/textures and feel/movable/animated tattoes/screen/cloaking/stored informations/Google version of spacesuit (collect information/data for the wearer presented as an options + human decision-making/location for teraforming/creating environment suitable for human to adopt & survive.

Then recently i discovered this post apocalyptic fashion by Demobaza from Bulgaria which is so fucking amazing, some i could just wear them for the rest of my life without ever buying, changing or replacing any other clothes/style i swear...and i also did some research on spaceships or lightweight spaceships like the one in anime Cowboy Beebop pilot by Faye & Spike, and found back old games like WipeOut that's very suitable for solo or 2 person seater spaceship and combine together with the Demobaza style.....fuh... Y_Y



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