Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Anastasia Garuda P.I. test1


Anastasia Garuda P.I. is a KL noir comic zine between me and writer/sister Julya Oui. We came up with the idea that this Transwoman character's struggle for her transitioning, trying many things from doing sex work, working as hotel receptions and decided the impossible which to become private investigator. It's kinda inspired from old noir detective comics but the setting is in Kuala Lumpur and she's a transwoman struggling to meet her ends meet and save up for her transitioning.

At the moment still experimenting if its possible to redo this in a simple gif and pixela art format with the aesthetic of 80s retro rpg storytelling....fingers crossed...

#shikabuatgifanime #shikabuatpixelgif #shikasketchbook #melukisituterapeutik #drawingistherapeutic #shikacorona #shiekoreto #tebabo

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