Sunday, July 10, 2016


Last few days a go i was on a very long hour bus ride, i downloaded pixel art drawing app and was scribbling, and i deleted it scared that it took a lot of space. I've been inspired by pixel art and 80s B-grade sci-fi movies during the 80s and during college times in the 80s, playing my housemates computer games like the Lucas Art's 'Full Throttle', 'Day of Tentacle', 'Sam&Max hit the road', 'Street Fighter2', 'Raiden', '1942', 'Prince of Persia' etc, etc, and some other classics pixel games totally inspired me further. Recently i discovered this pixel art artist Valenberg, for his panoramic, atmospheric (rain!!! i'm a Pluviophile), futuristic, cyberpunky culture visuals that totally bring back a lot of nostalgia fo rme and further diving found this great synth music that reminded me of 80s-synthy-cyberpunk-soundtrack and also an enjoyable interesting interview from the artist and the Cyberpunk musician Victor Love, good read and all in the links down below, happy diving:

P/s: Dear Scifi artists, visionaries, nature is your tech, add more greens to your visuals please
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