Tuesday, April 28, 2015

the letter and person-behind-counter encounter

went to UM hospital for psychiatric letter that was send to house but no one at home, so the letter is unknown floating around between the Post office Kelana Jaya and UM. 'Person-behind-counter' said the letter was send out on 20th it must be at the post office.

Drove to Kelana Jaya Post office. 'Person-behind-counter' insists badly on the registration number of the letter. Felt dumb, stupid and agitated for not asking for the registration numbers of the letter earlier at the hospital. Calm the beast down. Not gonna generate more T after stopping the E and blockers for 5 days already. Y_Y

Back at UM, repeat (looking for parking, walk 500 meters to patients record office, take numbers).
Inquiry about registration number on the letter.
Person-behind-counter: "blablabla binti blablabla
Me: ^_^
Person-behind-counter: looking at the receipt and correcting the name on IC.
Me: :(
Person-behind-counter: Can take a sit? The person not at his post, he will call back when he got the numbers.
Me: Ok...
waiting..................then phone rings, another person-behind-counter answered the call...then she look around and said "The letter came back on 23rd".
Me: (bucket ice challenge but somebody else poured over my head)
Person-behind-counter: Dash out from the office door and handing the letter...
Me: :) x 10000000...Now all this driving around, walking, sweating in hot sun, i need to reward this self a nice coffee.....hmmmmffffff

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