Sunday, April 19, 2015


Today Sweden's National Board of Health and Welfare presented their National Guidelines for trans people’s health care. This is a work that began in 2011/2012 after a Government Survey on the situation for trans people in Sweden showed numerous issues concerning the standard and scope of health care available.

The guidelines are largely based on the WPATH's Standards of Care v. 7 and will make high quality, publicly funded healthcare available for all trans people, not just restricted to persons with a Transsexualism diagnosis (ICD-10 F64.0) as has been the case until now.

This includes hormonal therapy and surgeries as well as other treatments which will be publicly funded in line with all other health care in Sweden.

The biggest change is that Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) along with liposuction of the pelvic area to enhance masculine body shape will now be made available to patients suffering from severe gender dysphoria.

A special set of guidelines has been developed for young trans people and will cover the use of hormone blockers on the indication of Gender Dysphoria from the onset of puberty and hormone therapy when a diagnosis has been established.

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