Wednesday, March 12, 2014


i find it very interesting that in Japan also not just there are MTF (male to female transgender) or FTM (female to male) transgender but also a new term that maybe unfamiliar back home which is MTX /FTX , X indicates lack of gender, or refuse to be box into the gender binary or in other words, here there are more and more people who rejects the label male and female. I'm still not sure wether the X person made a conscious decision or they feel that way, some said they feel that way but some also choose to be X. 

Maybe in malaisea, this comes later after everyone familiar with the SOGIE (sexual orientation and gender identity/expression) concept...

and here's an example of a struggle of a person fighting for the X recognition

and as everyone knows deep down inside, human being is much more complicated and more fluid than a simple label

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