Saturday, March 22, 2014

futoi-sen/thick-bold line

Recently, when i exhibited  my work at the Kunitachi film fest, someone ask me that why most of my work are in black and white drawings. I forgot what I've said maybe something along 'i love good line quality'. This obsession about line quality came about subtly when i started to work on my zines. Because everything is black and white for the photocopy machine. And with an old obsession of mimicking child like naive and unexpected raw line drawings, and with past experience working on big walls doing graffiti which i learn later which is to choose big simple bold visuals for a greater impact or catchy to the eye, instead of many,many details but with so many fillers which i learn to strongly dislike later as well. Not so far back then, i have this thoughts that when we were young, you tend to impress people with your drawings with so many details but in actuality its just fillers, combined with today's world where we live in a noise (billboards,advertisements,tv,smartphones everywhere) and in the grid. We're the fillers of the bigger pictures and if there's an empty space, a void or a simple bold shapes is breathe of fresh air in the static ocean. Sejuk mata memandang like my mom says. So until now, I'm still obsess with simple line drawings but with bold strokes.

…and my ammo for making drawings is about to finish and i couldn't find it anywhere even here in Koenji. I use to buy loads of this pens from Daiso KL, and Daiso here didn't carry these babies anymore. So anyone out there can find this precious plastic water based that comes in pairs bold line pen. Please have a try. Feels like knife through butter. 2 illustrations below were drawn from this pen.
They have almost fairly consistent line quality.

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