Friday, March 21, 2014

with Misha san from Akane pub

I was introduce to Misha san from friends who work at Nantoka bar. Misha san is a queer or gay person but from a working class as he mentioned. He become master (person who run or handle a bar/pub on a designated day) to Akane pub around 10 years a go. He also mention he scared to go to Nichomé, a famous place for LGBT/Queer people hang out mainly because of financial problem. Nichomé is a place with many type of pubs & bars to hang out and meet people but for Misha san the place was quite intimidating and also from the appearance of other queer people to everything that relates to money. He didn't go there for a long time. I ask him wether he belongs to any Queer or LGBT group and how he get support from his peers, he said he don't belong to any and he's just happy where he is, so far the people at Akane pub is his close friends and family.

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