Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Make it Work Productions My Body is a Battleground Uneton48 ✔

Last 21st May, i participated in an art students short film competition Uneton48 (or the sleepless 48hours where a team of film maker make a film within that time frame), the team director were partly inspired by my zine 'Bercakap dengan skrin', part of the dialogue conversed is from the zine. It is super awkward looking at myself and hearing the voice monologue but a very interesting experience indeed. Its an all women, girl power team. It was really fun experience being in the production and also being at the location where the old abandoned house were located, and the crew work flawlessly complimenting each other making the process very smoothly. Really grateful to be involved in this project and just to make it clear the line in the film also talking about Trans person experience and journey in general.
'Make it work production - My body is a battleground'
http://puissy.blogspot.fi/ - 'Bercakap dengan skrin zine' view online or download for free

At the primere screening in the theatre

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