Tuesday, September 13, 2016

friend's blogs & Lagu tiga Sixpence

slowly digging through friend's blog, food and travel~
South East Asia/Malaysian


btw 2 days ago, i was playing a folk Malay song/nursery rhymes on a guitar 'Lagu tiga kupang' then my friend noticed the lyrics and told me isn't that an old nursery rhymes that she knew before, googled and found its an old English nursery rhymes Sing a Song of Sixpence https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sing_a_Song_of_Sixpence
Lyrically similar and connected. So now we know the connection. So it could be when the Brits colonize Malaya, they bring the song together and it was translated to Malay. hmm...interesting...

On another note, i blog something about 'Pantun' or old Malay folks of rhyming that were translated into English by French poets in 19th century previously...
"When French poets rediscovered the form in the nineteenth century, they were drawn to the pantun berkait- a pantun form made up of interlocking verses."

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