Wednesday, May 18, 2016

fate of dead trans body in Malaysia

Update: actually this kind of news is propagated by the government religious body Jakim, now that it came our from their facebook page: You'll get this kind of article from time to time in Malay world, they will keep publish them on and on from time to time rather study and research about the nature of transwomen and transmen. You'll hear this quite often, when the imam/priest doing the ritual of bathing or cleansing the body The classic case is when you carry the body to the graveyard the body is so heavy and is impossible to carry by strong men hinting that she's full of sin simply because being who she was (transitioning/surgery) and when its impossible to bury her body because the spot where she'll be buried is full of water suddenly or the earth will reject her body. In this newly published blog article, the person encounter while cleansing the dead-trans-body: -The body suddenly turned black -The never ending shit oozing out form the anus -Pus, blood and maggots coming out from the genital area -After cleanse with 'special water', he discovered the body rotten even faster than before and the fake boobs shrunk -close friends laughs at the funeral -ask any transwomen to berubah 'change' back to whatever he think it is -change sex is haram -thus the neverending ignorance in Malay world about Trans issues And now we have social media to counter back whatever these idiot is spreading. My respected friends who's working directly with the trans community and involved in dealing with the ritual and funeral of countless transwomen so far, nothing of the above nasty things happen and its always end with a very peaceful ceremony. Personally i'm a bit sad that till today my single mom who's quite old couldn't accept me but in a way i understand that she loves me so much and don't want my dead body end up like that and burn to crisps in hell but i have to move on... original article:

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