Friday, May 06, 2016

abolish Jawi/mansuhkan Jawi

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KUALA LUMPUR, May 6 — Transgender or crossdressing Muslims will be denied entry into Paradise, the Kuala Lumpur Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) said in its Friday sermon today.
The sermon prepared for use in mosques in the federal territory based this on a hadith saying Prophet Muhammad had cursed men who made themselves appear as women and vice versa.
“This is not just an issue about the freedom of attire or how to dress, but worse, it is a denial of a  person’s natural inherent qualities of mind and character as well as Qada al-Qadr of Allah SWT. 
“Do we want our daughters,  wives,  sisters  and  mothers to mingle with such fake ‘women’? Who would continue our family lineage if  our young  girls  marry so-called ‘men’?” the sermon asked.
“If this act of deviation is cursed by Rasulullah SAW, then do not hope to gain any blessings or assistance in the Hereafter.”
Transgenders and others with non-heterosexual orientations are rejected by conservative Muslim Malaysia and often the subject of enforcement by religious authorities.
In 2014, the transgender community won a landmark case against a state religious authority when the Court of Appeal declared a Negri Sembilan shariah law against crossdressing to be unconstitutional.
The decision was overturned, however, by the Federal Court on appeal.
Religious authorities continue to pursue such groups, with Jawi last month raiding a private fundraising event by trans people and arresting one person.
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