Thursday, January 09, 2014


recently i started to map my thoughts every morning after a coffee and pandesal, i think thoughts are like electrical surge or the nature of thoughts sometimes they linger for a bit, sometimes they pass rapidly, so i started to exercise and put down, capture some of it and try to put down on paper, some are half bake thoughts or ideas that's still need fermenting, some are quite there but need some extra cherry on top. After a few days i think its a good workout to record some of it down, because probably some old ideas few days just need some finishing touch today, to see the big picture or if if its there or not

Some thoughts on drawings /art 

-Drawing is the first self-expression of being human besides crying, laughing, when we're young. We draw because human have eyes. Like mouth who consume food then we poop, For eyes i think its quite the same, we consume but we seldom empty the eyes bowels. An i think its healthy to let it out and feel good because drawing is very therapeutic and a person should do it often to get the hang of it. 
Imagine learn how to draw is like learn how to cycle. After you get the hang of it, it will bring you very far to unimaginable places.

- basically art is a documentation of your existence and where you are in time, google age of universe, earth,country,conceived,birth,current time/date, position on earth

-putting meaning into line drawings = symbols = beliefs = meaning

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