Monday, January 06, 2014


last saturday (4 Jan) was extremely fun organizing the 30 sec drawing workshop with 98B, actually its more like an experiment. What 22 people can come up with within 30 seconds with pen/markers and paper, i think i mention to the participants that if you concentrate hard you can have an eternity in 1 second lol >.<',
But what i like about it was the participation. Everyone was 101% paying attention to most instructions on what to draw for 30 seconds which consists of 30 lists. I'm happy to see all of them laughing and comparing at each others drawings i feel like a kindergarten teacher because the participants even though grown up they look like children totally immersed with the activity. Everyone can interpret 1 thing into may different things and within 30 second can bring out the Picasso in them. Some drawings can even be turn into logo design, simple and catchy. In the list to draw, its not just a simple subject as well, what i told them to draw is a metaphor of the world we are living now. But mostly fun to interpret in many, many type of style....its the happiness that i see in them that made me happy, i feel like i'm not just bring out the Picasso in them but also the innocent child within them. The whole room feels like a kindergarten classroom where everyone's totally tuned in while rocking the pen to 30 seconds-ish punrock songs. It was extremely fun. The feedback i get as well was they had a lot of fun doing it. I forget to tell them they actually can exercise this at home as well and i forgot to give them the lists of the songs. Fun like a Hor Fun. Can't wait to do it when i'm back in KL. This is the description from one of the partipants: "a topic is given - some time given to think about it - then Sheiko counts 1,2,3, go and a punk song lasting 30 seconds play - by the end of the song pens are put down.
Somewhat similar to party games like stop dancing and trip to Jerusalem :) "

30 sec drawing - Because past is dead and future's far ahead, lets rock the pencil in 30 seconds, 1234!

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