Wednesday, June 01, 2016

PAS wants to get close to LGBT community to ‘save their souls’ PUTEH: PAS wants to get close to those in the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) community with the aim of “saving their souls.”
Dewan Ulamak chief Datuk Dr Mahfodz Mohamad(pic) called on party members “to bring back those who had gone astray by such lifestyle.”
“We need get close to them so that they will be with PAS.
“This will allow us to give them a better understanding of Islam which will help to save their lives now and in the afterlife," Dr Mahfodz said when opening the 55th Dewan Ulamak Assembly here.

He said this was necessary as there have been recent moves by several groups promoting LGBT in the country.
He lashed out at the Penang state government for recently recognising LGBTs.
“Penang is the first state in the country to recognise LGBTs after setting up the Penang Transgender Committee which held its first meeting on May 17," he said.
Dr Mahfodz warned members to be wary of groups that have been using the excuse of human rights to promote LGBT.
He said the LGBT lifestyle would further erode the faith of the Muslims if left unchecked.
On a separate matter, Dr Mahfodz said PAS rejects any attempt to unseat the Prime Minister as it would not achieve the goal of bringing institutional changes to the country.
“We reject the idea of changing the Prime Minister if it means only replacing him with someone else from Umno,” he added.
He added that PAS would adopt a pragmatic approach when dealing with problems faced by the people rather than blindly criticising the Government.

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