Friday, February 19, 2016


and so yesterday, the famous local comedian making an ass of himself if he thinks its the same time like when he joked during his old tv program 'Jangan Ketawa' during the 80s where everyone's super queer and not much transphobic violence as to compare in this time 2010-2016 where in Malaysia, the Arabization and environment becoming more extremely conservative/black & white/cis-tem, in this age and time its is not ok, where there are more vulnerable Transperson going through hardtimes finding jobs and survive. (Don't even start why so many of us do sex work to survive)
Harith Iskandar ran out of materials, perhaps he should retire and stay at home. We know that he got few Gay or Queer friends but perhaps he should learn what is Transphobia and check his privilege as a cisgender upperclass male person. In this day and age, havin the technology and convenient to share information at a fingertips very swiftly, perhaps its best to stop for awhile and check your content first before sharing.

Then he took out the post and then the next morning he posted this:

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