Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Genmai san / Izumikun / Masayan

Genmai san/Izumi kun/Masayan. I miss you guys so much, so so much, you've help me show Japan from your perspective, your culture, class, your struggle, being human, you're more human than human. I miss you so much. Thank you, thank you thank you. I've never met a person especially from your culture without invincible wall and radiate love towards all people around you. Thank you, i miss you, your view of the world and your surroundings, your singing,
Your biggest fan, Love Shika すごく、なつかしい!!
& a big shout out to friends at Nantoka bar (Matsumoto san, Yuyu san, ICU (center of Gender Studies; Kato san, Mao san, Shun san, ??? san, ) & Kakikomitei tachi (Risa san, Mario san, Sapako san, Megumi san, Gon chang, Hikaru san, Yukiko san, Myan,Myan san, Tokyo clown brigade, Nora brigade etc) , Community Center AKTA (JohnJ san), hardcore band Unarm, Chauncey san, Irregular Rhythm Asylum (IRA), Pyuu Piru san, Mameta san, Ebata san, Masa san, Higashi sensei, Sunagawa san, Kimberly san, Ryow san, love & big, big hugs

I guess Japan is full of nostalgia for me, its people and their creations, preservation. Sometimes we met certain people at a crossroads and enjoy special moments together that can't be duplicated again in the future. Haish....Y_Y

aiyo pech lobs suara

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