Monday, November 30, 2015

World Aids Day 2015

Yesterday, Seed asking the community mostly Trans person to perform during the event, much thanks to them for sincerely fighting for the community from homeless, people living with HIV and also including Transgender people. This year me and 2 other Trans*person who has been musicians longer manage to join the already familiar performers from the community. It was a really cool experience. And i broke my thick introverted wall and be free....and rock the safe space ^_^

I don't want to claim this but if it helps to encourage other Trans* musician, we're the first all-transgender-line up-band so far...and it was awesome to perform among other established Trans*performers in the community
The TingTongTranz / TingTongKetiaw / TingtongKetz
(so far we have 5 short anthemic punkrock? songs)

ok now, body all aching, for relaxing time...

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