Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mospeada / Invid

When i was a kid, i watch this anime Robotech or Mospeada. There are 2 characters inside the story, 1 is Yellow Belmont, an army who's androgynous (bottom pix) and a women (top pix). I knew right from the beginning which character that i rooted more to. Yellow is like a combination of Marylyn Monroe and the soldier into 1. He crossdress and perform/sing for people. His gender identity is male as he is comfortable being called a 'He' and his gender expression is more androgynous (probably refering to the 80s andro culture) and his sexual orientation is heterosexual. Rook Bartley is a cisgender female.
When i was young i strongly rooted for Rook than Yellow. I already knew it since i was a kid....

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ilsor76 said...

And then came Macross.