Tuesday, November 18, 2014


...free will...
every moment in life we're going through million possibilities, and every free will choices that we thought we made, is just a choice within that million possibilities isn't it? #JustAThought 

just watched Interstellar this morning and it was good. Awesome good. Doomy gloomy future for humankind and a boring way of space travelling if to compare to Star Trek but more realistic, i guess.

If Space travel is cheap and humankind starts becoming space faring civilization and terraforming other planets, there would be Earth2 or Earth3/Bumi1 atau Bumi3 but sadly at the moment we only have 1 Earth. 
News today says Chocolate would soon be impossible to produce due to shortage of cocoa because of global warming and then the rapid extinction of salt water fishes and so on.



I wonder if humankind even can make it space faring civilization....

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