Wednesday, September 19, 2012

OneBigLongkang #5 / Anastasia Garuda #2

Manage to finish both zines about the same time, coming out soon...


Smruthi said...


I am from India and was wondering if there is any way we can procure a few copies of your zines for raising awareness and education with regards to transgender community in India. I've seen the first two issues of one big long kang and was really impressed.

I feel it will be very useful for us to start conversations and increase awareness by using your zines as a guide.

Please let me know.


Shiekoreto said...

Hi Smruthi

thank you so much for writing, i would love to send the rest of the zines to you, and me and my writer feel truly grateful that our zines have reach your hands and the place we didnt imagine.

Plz feel free to write to us me as the illustrator at

and my friend the writer Ms.Julya at

we're looking forward to hear more about your ideas, any ideas that you have on creating awareness
on transwomen issues in India or anything related or non-related, thank you so much

warm regards,