Wednesday, November 29, 2006


When i was young at my father's shop. He used to curse everytime he's angry. His favourite curse word was BAGERO. BAGERO! everytime he's pissed at sumthing like if the employees are lazy or somebody moving too slow. After few years somebody told me that BAGERO was actually BAKAYARO. If you say fast enough the word transform into BAGERO. Maybe that's what happen to people who heard it in the first place maybe during Japanese came to Malaya last time & the curse has been passed down. Another possibility is my father,mother,auntie,uncle heard it from old P.Ramlee movies. P.Ramlee is a famous Malay actor/director during the 60s,70s. Most of his movies you can hear BAGERO curse here and there. That's why the older generation like parents, aunties, uncles & the senior citizen know the word BAGERO & use it either when they're angry or being silly. BAGERO.


cutee said...

hahahahah....same same....BAGERO desne!!!!hahaha

Shieko said...